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How do I install SonarQube plugins?

How do I install SonarQube plugins?

To manually install a plugin:

  1. Download the plugin you want to install. The version needs to be compatible with your SonarQube version.
  2. Put the downloaded jar in $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins , and remove any previous versions of the same plugins.
  3. Restart your SonarQube server.

Where can I download SonarQube plugins?

The SonarQube Marketplace connects to to get the list of plugins. Most of the referenced plugins are downloaded from:

How many plugins are available in SonarQube plugin library?

There are over 35 plugins that SonarQube supports in its plugin library to extend its functionality over time.

How do I deploy SonarQube?

How to Install the SonarQube Security Analysis Platform

  1. Prepare the Environment.
  2. Install OpenJDK 11.
  3. Install and Configure the Database.
  4. Download and Unpack SonarQube.
  5. Create a New User and Group.
  6. Configure SonarQube.
  7. Create a Startup File.
  8. Install and Configure NGINX.

What is Sonar Maven plugin?

The SonarScanner for Maven is recommended as the default scanner for Maven projects. The Maven build already has much of the information needed for SonarQube to successfully analyze a project. By preconfiguring the analysis based on that information, the need for manual configuration is reduced significantly.

Does SonarQube support groovy?

The plugin enables analysis of Groovy within SonarQube. It leverages CodeNarc to raise issues against coding rules, GMetrics for cyclomatic complexity and Cobertura or JaCoCo for code coverage.

Does SonarQube support Perl?

Perl 5 Plugin for SonarQube. This is a SonarQube plugin to integrate popular features like code coverage, Perl::Critic and test reporting for your Perl 5 projects.

How do I run SonarQube on Windows?

Install SonarQube and run as a service Open up a command line as an administrator and navigate to the folder C:\SonarQube\sonarqube-5.4\bin\windows-x86-64. Invoke InstallNTService. bat. This will install SonarQube as a service.

What extensions does sonar 5 producer edition support?

The program is sometimes distributed under different names, such as “SONAR 5 Producer Edition”. This PC tool can deal with the following extensions: “.mid”, “.smf” and “.cal”.

How much does sonar 5 cost?

SONAR 5 Producer Edition has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $799 U.S., SONAR 5 Studio Edition is $479 U.S. (MSRP), and both are now shipping. Registered SONAR 4 Producer customers can upgrade to SONAR 5 Producer Edition directly through Cakewalk for $179; SONAR 4 Studio to SONAR 5 Studio Edition for $99.

What are the different versions of sonar?

The following versions: 18.0, 17.3 and 17.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. The program is sometimes distributed under different names, such as “SONAR 5 Producer Edition”. This PC tool can deal with the following extensions: “.mid”, “.smf” and “.cal”.

What is sonar Studio Edition?

Designed for project studios and aspiring professionals, Studio Edition is built upon the same core engine and feature set of SONAR 5 Producer Edition offering a complete solution for recording, arranging, editing, and mixing your audio productions—all in a tightly integrated workspace.

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