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How do I print a Massey Library?

How do I print a Massey Library?

Login and get started

  1. Visit the MobilePrint portal for the campus you are on.
  2. Log in using your Massey Student ID or usercode (jbloggs) and password.
  3. Upload a document.
  4. Select your print options by clicking the tick box next to the document, then changing the print options at the bottom of the My Print Center window.

How do I set up follow me to print?

Adding the FollowMe Printer

  1. Press the Windows Logo key and R to bring up the Run window – or click on the Start menu and select Run.
  2. Enter the following and then click the OK button. \\staffprint-02\FollowMe.
  3. The printer will now install automatically.

What is Followme printing?

A Follow Me printer is a network print queue set up on the print system server that does not automatically route pages to a specific printer. Print jobs sent to the Follow Me Black & White print queue can be released at any of the MFD (copier) units on campus.

How do I create a virtual print queue?


  1. Step 1: Create a print queue. On the print server, create a new queue called find-me-queue.
  2. Step 2: Configure the print queue as a virtual queue with hold/release enabled. Click the Printers tab.
  3. Step 3: Configure the Release Stations. Configure each Release Station as per Configure a Release Station .

What is follow-you printing?

What is Follow-You printing all about? Follow-You printing is a change from the current way you print to a student printer. Instead of sending your printout to a specific printer, you will be able to release your printout from any of the printers located in the Learning Hub.

How do you use follow me Umich?

To use Follow Me, select “Follow Me” as your print destination.

  1. Send Print Job. There are four ways you can send a file to print: Use the MPrint Mobile App. Install & print to Follow Me on your computer.
  2. Release When & Where You Want. If you sent your job to Follow Me, you can release your job via: MPrint Mobile App.

How do I print at Bucknell?

Go to

  1. Logon with your Bucknell username and password.
  2. Upload your document or file.
  3. Go to a Canon Follow-Me printer on campus.
  4. Use your B U ID card to login and release the job on the Canon printer.

How do you activate a PaperCut?

The PaperCut client software will launch once you log in to a campus computer using your own personal user ID and password. Once you log in a window will appear indicating your PaperCut balance. If you don’t see this window, click on the PaperCut icon on the taskbar.

What is print pooling?

A printer pool is simply a group of 2 or more printers that use the same logical printer on your computer. Other advantages of a printer pool: If someone sends a large print job to the printer, other users won’t have to wait for it to finish.

Is follow me printing secure way of printing?

Follow-Me is a secure printing solution offering many benefits to companies of all sizes that may require its printer roaming capabilities and ensure printing security. It also provides accounting for all printers and copiers usage so that automatic reports can be generated for users, cost centers and printers.

What is Equitrac printing?

Equitrac Office is an intelligent print management solution that provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities. It provides end users with a secure mobile print workflow while controlling costs and simplifying administration of your output fleet.

How much does it cost to print Umich?

Printer Charges & Printer Balance All University students receive a $16 print allocation per enrolled semester. Ross students are provided with an additional $24 for a total of $40 print allocation per enrolled semester. You can check your balance at Account Information.

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