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How do I reset my Oki B4600 printer?

How do I reset my Oki B4600 printer?

How to Reset an Okidata B4600 Toner

  1. Press the “Menu” button repeatedly to scroll through the menu options.
  2. Press the “Item” button repeatedly until “Drum Counter Reset” displays on the screen.
  3. Press “Select” to reset the counter, and then press “Online” to return to the operating mode.

Who makes Okidata printers?

Oki Data Americas, Inc.
Oki Data Americas, Inc., a subsidiary of Oki Data Corporation of Japan, produces PC peripheral equipment under the OKI brand, including digital color and monochrome printers, serial impact dot matrix printers, multifunction products and facsimiles.

Are Oki printers reliable?

Reliable, flexible, good quality, and more cost-effective than others. Oki branded consumables remain costly, but initial OOP for hardware is so low, it’s worth it.

Why is my Oki printer not printing?

Check that the same IP address is set for the machine and the machine’s port setting on the computer. Check that the IP address is not duplicated by another device. Check that the correct IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address are set. If using OKI LPR Utility, check the IP address setting with OKI LPR Utility.

Who owns OKI printers?

OKI Electric Industry
About OKI Data Americas OKI Data Americas, headquartered in Irving, Texas, is a subsidiary of OKI Data Corporation and backed by Tokyo-based parent company OKI Electric Industry, a $4.0 billion multinational public corporation which has been a leader in telecom, infrastructure, and mechatronics systems since 1881.

Is Okidata going out of business?

Effective March 31, 2021, OKI Data Americas, Inc. (ODA) will no longer distribute printer hardware under the OKI brand to the North, Central, and South American markets. This includes all LED-based single and multifunction, as well as dot-matrix (SIDM) printer hardware.

Is Oki a laser printer?

What Is an OKI Laser Printer? OKI laser printers are professional-grade pieces of office equipment that are designed to create crisp, vibrant documents and images. These use toners, rather than ink, in tandem with printer paper, which produces color that has more depth and richness.

How do I get my printer to print Oki?

For Windows

  1. Click [Start], and then select [Devices and Printers].
  2. Right-click the [OKI MC573 *] icon and then select [Printer properties].
  3. Select the [Ports] tab.
  4. Select [FILE:] from the port list, and then click [OK].
  5. Open a file.
  6. Select [Print] from the [File] menu.
  7. Click [Print].

What is the Oki b4600?

Created in Tokyo by the Japanese company Oki Electric Industries, the Oki b4600 is designed to meet all office printing needs, both economically and speedily. Available on eBay, this compact printer with a monthly duty cycle of 40,000 pages and 1200 by 600 dpi (dots per inch) quality is designed to support the most demanding workplaces.

What is the print speed of the b4600?

B4600 Printing Technology Digital LED Electrophotographic Printing Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi 600 x 1200 dpi 600 x 2400 Warm-up Time Approx. 25.0 seconds from power-on First Print Out Time Approx. 5.0 seconds Print Speed Letter 27 ppm

Where can I buy Oki ink cartridges?

Affordable and readily available replacements parts: eBay carries several varieties of Oki-branded and compatible toner ink cartridges for a fraction of many color toner costs.

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