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How do I reset my Produplicator?

How do I reset my Produplicator?

How to Reload Factory Defaults:

  1. Press ESC and HOLD until the start of the long “beep” (approx 2 sec.)
  2. Scroll DOWN (using down arrow) until you see LOAD DEFAULT.
  3. Press ENT.
  4. Press ENT.
  5. Press ESC several times to escape out, and scroll DOWN to 1.
  6. Power OFF the duplicator, wait at least 30 seconds and power back ON.

How does a DVD duplicator work?

You load the source disc into a source drive, an optical drive that reads the data on the disc. Your duplicator has from one to many “target drives” which you load with “target discs.” These are the blank discs that will be written with the data from the source, making them duplicates of the source.

What does Target overflow mean?

The “Target Overflow” message usually indicates that the amount of data on the source disc exceeds the maximum capacity of the blank disc. If the DVD you are attempting to copy has more than this amount of data, you may need a double layer DVD+/-R disc to copy it.

Which are necessary items for drive duplication equipment?

Materials list:

  • Large computer case.
  • Power supply.
  • Burner drives (IDE or SATA)
  • Motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive.
  • Keyboard, monitor, mouse.
  • Burning software.
  • Blank and master discs.
  • Screwdriver.

What is not ready target drive?

The “Target Drive Not Ready” message means that the duplicator is not ready to record to the blank media you have inserted. This error message is commonly displayed when the recording drive does not detect a disc of the right type, or when the recorder cannot determine that the disc is empty.

What is a DVD CD duplicator?

Also known as a copy tower, a DVD CD duplicator is a type of scanning equipment that uses laser technology to transfer information from one CD or DVD to another. Depending on the number of disc drives located on the DVD CD duplicator, anywhere from three to 20 discs can be copied at one time.

How does a duplicator work?

How Do Digital Duplicators Work? A digital duplicator receives an electronic image from a connected computer. The image is then transferred to a master that is wrapped around the print cylinder located inside the machine. Ink is applied to the paper by the rotating print cylinder.

What to do if your DVD duplicator tower is not working?

It covers common problems with DVD duplicator towers and what you can do to remedy them. Solution: Check to make sure the voltage selector on the tower is set to 115. Make sure any surge protectors and power strips are turned on. Always use a grounded (3-prong) outlet.

How do I know how many devices are on my DVD duplicator?

When you power on the machine, check to see all LED light on the drives are working. On the LCD display, it should display the number of devices. For a 1-5 target dvd duplicator, it should show 6 devices.

Why is my CDROM2GO DVD duplicator not working?

Fortunately, CDROM2GO is here to help. Often times the problem is the result of a mistake made during the setup or operation of the duplicator. To help avoid problems, please read our troubleshooting guide to DVD duplicators.

Why can’t I play a DVD on my computer?

If not all of the files on the CD or DVD open, or your computer can’t play DVD , then the CD or DVDs, the drives or drivers are faulty. 5. Now you can do with adjusting servo (or, less likely, optical) configuration.

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