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How do I setup my Seagate NAS?

How do I setup my Seagate NAS?

Access NAS OS with Seagate Network Assistant

  1. Launch Seagate Network Assistant.
  2. Choose your device: Windows: Right-click on the Seagate Network Assistant icon in the taskbar to select your Seagate NAS.
  3. Select Web access to the NAS OS.
  4. The NAS OS login page will launch in an Internet browser.

How do I connect my Seagate network drive?

Connecting to a Seagate Consumer NAS

  1. Press the Windows key ( ) + E.
  2. File Explorer opens click on Network.
  3. Once the network page loads click on your Seagate Consumer NAS.
  4. Right Click on the share you would like to access and choose Map Network Drive.
  5. A new window will open.
  6. Sign in with your username and password.

How do I reset my Seagate Blackarmor NAS 220?

Seagate strongly recommends that you backup all the data from the NAS before continuing.

  1. Click the Factory Default Restore button to begin the process. A prompt will report, “This restores the device back to factory default settings.
  2. Click Ok. The system will reboot.

How do I access my Seagate server?

Access Personal Cloud content using a web browser To access your Personal Cloud using your favorite web browser. Open a web browser and go to Sign in with your email address and password. Your NAS OS devices are listed.

What file system does Seagate NAS use?

A: NAS OS recognizes external hard drives with the following file systems: FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3, EXT, and XFS.

How do I restore my Seagate to factory settings?

Reset using the Seagate Central Assistant

  1. Log in with your credentials.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Select the Restore button. This will restore the device settings to default values.
  4. Proceed with initial setup.

How do I connect my Seagate external hard drive to my network?

Establishing a Wireless Connection

  1. Press the power button on the top of the Seagate Wireless.
  2. The Wi-Fi LED blinks as the device starts up.
  3. Open the network or wireless settings on your computer or mobile device.
  4. Select SeagateWireless from the list of networks.
  5. Open the Seagate Media app.

Why wont my Seagate connect?

Basic hardware troubleshooting steps: Try connecting the drive to a different port on the computer. If possible, try using a different cable. Try using the drive on a different computer. If using a USB adapter, try connecting it without the adapter or use a different adapter.

How do I factory reset my Seagate NAS?

Power down the NAS device. After about two minutes, power the NAS device on again. Once the drive has restarted, please use your Seagate NAS Discovery software or use the new IP address assigned from your router to access the NAS. The new admin credentials are now reset to their original settings.

How do I access my Seagate external hard drive remotely?

Go to NAS OS > Device Manager > Network > Remote access. In the Remote access drop-down menu, choose Seagate MyNAS. Type a name for the NAS OS device in the Name field.

How do I connect my Seagate central to my computer?

First, unplug the Central from power and unplug the Ethernet cable from your router. Then, power your computer down. Connect the Ethernet cable so it connects your Seagate Central to your computer’s Ethernet port. Then, power your computer back on and reconnect the Central’s power.

Can I connect external HDD to NAS?

NAS essentially enables multiple devices that are on the same network to gain access to a NAS hard drive. Luckily, converting any external hard disk into a NAS is an easy and quick process.

How do I connect my Seagate blackarmor server to my Network?

Connect your Seagate BlackArmor server to a router or switch on your company’s network, if you haven’t done so already, by plugging the included Ethernet cable into LAN Port 1 on the server and any available Ethernet port on your router or switch. Plug the server’s power adapter into any available electrical outlet.

How do I create a new volume in Seagate blackarmor?

Seagate recommends that only users familiar and comfortable with RAID technology make changes to the server’s RAID protection. Creating New Volumes As a BlackArmor administrator, you can create a ll the shares you want in the default volume, or you can create more volumes using BlackArmor Manager.

How do I open a blackarmor server?

The application searches your company’s computer network for BlackArmor servers and displays the devices in a list. Click on the “BlackArmor Server” entry when it appears in the list. The server’s user interface opens.

How do I use Seagate Global Access?

Seagate Global Accessis a service that you can use to view, download, share, and work with the files stored on your BlackArmor server from anywhere in the world. You can also use Global Access to upload files to your BlackArmor server. To access the BlackArmor server over the Web:

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