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How do Vietnam veterans feel about the war?

How do Vietnam veterans feel about the war?

Most veterans felt proud of their service to their country in Vietnam, yet many also had some doubts about the war and their own actions in it. In fact, some veterans protested against the war once they returned to the United States.

What did Vietnam veterans experience?

Their study found that almost three decades after the Vietnam War, many veterans continued to experience problems with PTSD. At the initial interview, approximately 12% had PTSD. Fourteen years later, the rates of PTSD had dropped only slightly to approximately 11%.

What did soldiers experience in the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War soldiers endured many hardships and faced many problems. Combatants on both sides faced physical challenges posed by the climate, terrain and wildlife of the country. They also struggled with logistical problems and the complex political situation in Vietnam.

How were Vietnam soldiers treated on return?

Veterans returned from Vietnam not with their battalion or company, but alone on a plane after their 365-day tour. Many of them were anguished by their countrymen’s condemnation of their war, felt abandoned by their government, and suffered grievous physical and psycho-spiritual injuries.

Which American soldiers were most feared by the Viet Cong?

If they were up north near the Dong Ha River the communists feared the 101st Airmobile Division and the U.S. Marines. If they were in the center of S. Viet Nam they feared the 173D Airborne and the 4th Infantry Division. Down south there were a number of American units and situated around all over S.

Why do we say welcome home to Vietnam vets?

This movement encourages Americans to thank a Vietnam Veteran, shake their hand, and tell them, ‘Welcome home,’ when they meet them. Each of these veterans sacrificed something in those jungles many decades ago. Many sacrificed everything — while over there, or after they returned home.

How did Vietnam veterans feel after the war?

There’s always time for feel-good love stories Both remarried. Dennis, a Vietnam War veteran, served in the Army after the two divorced. In the beginning, their sons kept them connected; they’d see each other when Dennis picked up the kids for a

What happened to veterans after the Vietnam War?

Len Kirchner,M.D.,85,of Litchfield Park,Ariz. Kirchner entered the Air Force in 1961,at age 25.

  • Keith Harman,74,of Delphos,Ohio.
  • Mike Tharp,75,of Plano,Texas.
  • John Rivers,75,of Paradise Valley,Ariz.
  • Jim Doyle,72,of Fresno,Calif.
  • Who are the best soldiers from the Vietnam War?

    The music for this film was composed by J. Kimo Williams and includes his award-winning compositions, Symphony ForThe Sons of Nam , Fanfare For Life, and American Soldier. Actor Gary Sinise provides an the oratory written by Army Veteran and textile artist Carol Williams.

    Who was the most decorated Vietnam War veteran?

    Who was the most decorated soldier in Vietnam? Jorge A Otero Barreto was the most decorated soldier in Vietnam, and during his service earned the nickname “Puerto Rican Rambo.”. According to the American Legion, Otero-Barreto volunteered for five tours in Vietnam, during which he successfully completed 350 combat and aerial missions.

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