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How do you answer ist das?

How do you answer ist das?

In response to your second question: Das is used to ask about any person, gender doesn’t matter. Wer ist das? Means who is that? You don’t need to specify whether it’s a man or a woman you’re referring to.

What does Vas ist mean?

What’s happening
There was a saying in Austria similar to “What’s happening” in English. The saying is “Vas ist los?” The answer was always “Nicht ist los, alles kaput” (Nothing is happening, everything is broken).

What language is the word das?

Most world languages have nouns that are either masculine or feminine. German goes them one better and adds a third gender: neuter. The masculine definite article (“the”) is der, the feminine is die, and the neuter form is das. German speakers have had many years to learn whether wagen (car) is der or die or das.

What is VAS in German?

BlutGefäß, Gang, Vas deferens, Samenleiter.

How do you use wo in German?

The adverbs wo and da coupled with prepositions become helpful tools in day-to-day German conversation. By themselves, wo means “where” and da means “there”, but by adding prepositions, it changes their whole meaning.

What does Was ist los in German?

“Vas ist Los” is the German for “What’s up”, but “los” doesn’t mean “up” in German; it means “loose”

Was da Los meaning?

Translation of “was ist da los” in English. Adverb. what’s going on. what’s happening. what is going on.

What does DAS stand for computer?

Direct-attached storage, or DAS, is a digital storage system that connects directly to a personal computer, workstation, or server, but is not attached to a network.

What is the full meaning of DAS?

DAS. Director of The Army Staff. Military and Defence.

What is Windows RT?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Windows RT is a discontinued mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. It is an edition of Windows 8.x built for the 32-bit ARM architecture (ARMv7).

What is the difference between Windows 10 S and RT?

On May 2, 2017, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S, an edition of Windows 10 designed primarily for low-end mobile devices targeting the education market (competing primarily with Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS). Similarly to Windows RT, it restricts software installation to applications obtained via Windows Store.

Why did Microsoft fail Windows RT?

These devices largely cannibalized Windows RT; vendors began phasing out their Windows RT devices due to poor sales, and less than a year after its release, Microsoft suffered a US$900 million loss that was largely blamed on poor sales of the ARM-based Surface tablet and unsold stock.

What was the first Windows RT device released?

The first wave of Windows RT devices included: Microsoft Surface (released October 26, 2012, concurrently with general availability of Windows 8) Asus VivoTab RT (released October 26, 2012) Dell XPS 10 (released December 2012, discontinued on September 25, 2013) Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 (released December 2012)

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