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How do you authenticate Balenciaga Classic City?

How do you authenticate Balenciaga Classic City?


  1. THE TAG. The inner label is printed on a metal nameplate or a leather tab.
  2. BALENCIAGA SERIAL NUMBER. Not only is the number(s) in a designer bag a small part of proper authentication, it often reveals the time of manufacture or the season of the bag.

How do I find the serial number on my Balenciaga bag?

Make sure the serial number on the front of the label (if there’s one), matches the serial number on the backside of the label. The two rows of numbers on the back of the tab matches the leather batch number as well as the style number.

How can you tell a fake Balenciaga first bag?

Fake bags often have bales that look like “coat hangers”. The ends of the twisted piece of the bale should taper to a smooth, flat end. Until 2005 the rivets on Balenciaga bags were rounded and slightly convex (these rivets were on the early pewter hardware bags).

How do I find out what year my Balenciaga is?

Guide to Date Balenciaga Bags

  1. Oftentimes, there is a letter on the stamping of a Balenciaga bag that will date the season and year of the handbag.
  2. On metal tags (Balenciaga tags that have a metal plate), the letter following the first sequence of numbers will reveal the season and year of the bag.

What do the numbers on Triple S mean?

They feature a round toe, black and white lace fastening, the iconique Balenciaga logo on the side and the magic number 44 embroidered on the toe in white which cleverly reminds us what size our feet are. And, all this time we thought that 3 was the magic number.

Does Balenciaga use YKK zipper?

Genuine Balenciaga bags are made with Lampo zippers. The other Lampo type of zip is where “Lampo” is in odd uppercase letters – this should never be on a Balenciaga bag. The word “lampo” should be embossed on the zipper (one should feel the font as it is three-dimensional) and not engraved.

How old is my Balenciaga bag?

How can you tell if Balenciaga Triple S are fake?

61 second suggested clip2:073:38REAL VS FAKE BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S (2020) – YouTubeYouTube

Are Balenciaga Triple S heavy?

It is worth noting that the authentic sneakers are very heavy, and the replicas usually tend to be much lighter. As for the materials, authentic Balenciaga Triple S are made from breathable, elastic and highly durable fabrics, from mesh overlays to shoe laces and insoles.

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