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How do you beat Chapter 8 on portal?

How do you beat Chapter 8 on portal?


  1. Shoot portals on the Conversion Gels on both sides and go through the portal.
  2. Go through the door.
  3. Place the other portal on the floor and go through it.
  4. Fire a portal at the end of the Excursion Funnel above.
  5. Push the Switch.
  6. Now the gel should flow in the Funnel.

How many levels are there in Portal 2?

The game is split up into twenty different test chambers, with the difficulty rising in a logarithmic fashion. After chamber 19 (actually the 20th chamber, since numbering starts at 0) is complete, there are three additional levels.

How long is the Portal 2 campaign?

about six hours
The game tracks which chambers each player has completed and allows players to replay chambers they have completed with new partners. Portal 2’s lead writer Erik Wolpaw estimates each campaign to be about six hours long. Portal 2 contains in-game commentary from the game developers, writers, and artists.

Is Portal 2 the best game ever?

And that game is Portal 2. It may not be the longest, the most re-released, or the most sequel-ised of the list we’ve just given. But it’s quality is undeniable, and today marks a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the moments that confirm its place in a future Hall of Fame. As GLaDOS would foresee, this is a triumph.

How do you complete the itch on Portal 2?

Chapter 8 – Test Chamber 15. sp_a4_speed_tb_catch.bsp Propulsion Catch. This is the fifty-fifth level of the game, and takes place within an incomplete Aperture Science Test Chamber. This level features both Excursion Funnel and Repulsion Gel, and demonstrates the way in which the Funnel can be used to transport Gels to wherever they are needed.

How to fix Portal 2?

I uninstalled the game,after the steam and deleted the remaining files as if it wasnt at all on my pc

  • Downloaded and installed the steam
  • Downloaded and installed the Portal 2 (again…)
  • Started the game and nothing changed
  • How to beat portal two?

    how to beat portal 2. От katsuyun. step 1. Buy portal 2 step 2. turn it on step 3. Beat it step 4. Try to speedrun it step 5. get pissed step 6.uninstall step 7. Download the game again after 3 years step 8. Get all achievments and wr in speedrun step 9.congratulations you beated the game.

    How to open Portal 2?

    Only the host can enable cheats in Co-op mode.

  • The ” sv_gravity#” and ” cl_showfps#” commands are examples of commands that always work,even if cheats are off.
  • Removing certain objects or removing your partner WILL crash the game ( ent_remove ).
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