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How do you explode an assembly in Solidworks 2020?

How do you explode an assembly in Solidworks 2020?

To create an exploded view:

  1. Click Exploded View (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Exploded View.
  2. Select one or more solid bodies to include in the first explode step.
  3. Drag a triad arm to explode the solid bodies.
  4. Under Settings, click Done.
  5. Create more explode steps as required, then click .

How do you auto explode in Solidworks?

With an assembly open, select the components that you want to explode in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree and click Exploded View . In the PropertyManager, select Auto-space components on drag. Use the handle in the graphics area to move all the components.

How do you save an exploded view in Solidworks?

The View Manager dialog box opens.

  1. Click Explode.
  2. Click New.
  3. Press ENTER to accept the name or type a new name.
  4. Click Properties and set the explode position of the assembly components.
  5. Click List to return to the exploded views list.
  6. Click Edit > Save.
  7. Make sure the Explode check box is selected.
  8. Click OK and Close.

How do you explode an assembly?

Creating Exploded Views (Assemblies)

  1. Do one of the following options: Click Exploded View .
  2. Select one or more components to include in the first explode step.
  3. Drag a translation or rotation handle to move selected components.
  4. Modify explode options:
  5. Click Done.
  6. Create more explode steps as required, and click .

How do you explode sub assemblies in SOLIDWORKS?

To use an exploded view from a subassembly:

  1. In an assembly, select a subassembly that has an exploded view.
  2. In the PropertyManager, click Reuse Subassembly Explode. The subassembly explodes in the graphics area, and the steps of the exploded view from the subassembly appear under Explode Steps.

How is an exploded diagram is used?

Exploded diagrams show how a product can be assembled and how the separate parts fit together, with dotted lines showing where the parts slide into place. The diagrams also show components that would usually be hidden in a solid drawing. Isometric drawings are used to show a graphical representation of a 3D object.

What is the difference between exploded drawing and assembly drawing?

Fitted assembly drawings, showing the completed assembly. Exploded assembly drawing, showing the relationship between the separated parts.

How do you explode a sub assembly in SOLIDWORKS?

How do I edit an exploded view?

Editing an Explode Step (Assemblies)

  1. To open the Explode PropertyManager: Right-click Exploded View and click Edit Feature.
  2. Reposition the components: To move a component along its axis, drag the handle .
  3. Update the options in the PropertyManager:
  4. Click Undo to undo changes.
  5. Click Done.

How do you explode STEP files in Solidworks?

Do one of the following options to open the Explode PropertyManager:

  1. Right-click ExplView and click Edit Feature. Under Explode Steps, right-click an explode step and click Edit Step.
  2. Right-click an explode step under ExplView and click Edit Explode Step.

How to create exploded isometrics?

Exploded views are developed in a presentation file and then used to create exploded drawing views. You can automatically explode a presentation views when you create it, add an explosion distance to all the components in an existing presentation view, or manually tweak the components in a presentation view to create an exploded view. Explode a new presentation view automatically You can set a

How to create an Exploded Drawing in Solid Edge?

Click to open the Exploded views panel.

  • Click the Add exploded view button at the top of the panel.
  • A gold message box appears to indicate you are now in Explode mode.
  • Click the part (or parts: you can also use box select) you wish to move to a new (exploded) location; use the manipulator that appears to drag the part to
  • How to explode view SolidWorks?

    The solid modeling kernel. The kernel is the underlying math behind the software.

  • Creation of the solid model from individual parts This is one of the main areas-if not the only one-where ease of use is key in the design progress.
  • Create the assembly by mating the individual parts Inventor’s Exploded Views remember placement history.
  • How to create exploded view animations in SolidWorks visualize?

    Drag the center ball.

  • Press Alt+drag the center ball or an arm,and drop it on an edge or face to align a translation handle with the edge or face.
  • Press Alt+drag the center ball or a circle,and drop it on a curved edge or surface to align a rotation handle with the curved edge or surface.
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