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How do you fix Ora 00054 resource busy and acquire Nowait specified or timeout expired?

How do you fix Ora 00054 resource busy and acquire Nowait specified or timeout expired?

To avoid seeing Error ORA-00054? in the future, practice the following tips: Execute DDL during off-peak hours when the database is idle, such as late at night. Execute DDL during a maintenance window when all the end-users are locked out. Identify and kill the session that is preventing the exclusive lock.

Can we alter index in Oracle?

Use the ALTER INDEX statement to change or rebuild an existing index. The index must be in your own schema or you must have ALTER ANY INDEX system privilege. To execute the MONITORING USAGE clause, the index must be in your own schema.

How do you fix unusable indexes?

To repair the index, it must be re-created with the ALTER INDEX… REBUILD command. for each index key. When the new index is completed, the original unusable index is dropped.

What is the use of for update Nowait?

Using for update nowait will cause the rows to be busy and acquires a lock until a commit or rollback is executed. Any other session that tries to acquire a lock will get an Oracle error message like ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired instead of waiting the lock to release.

What does Nowait and wait mean in the context of updating with cursors?

The FOR UPDATE NOWAIT simply means that you do not want to wait to lock a row, when that row is already locked for change by someone else. So should an already locked row be encountered, Oracle will return an exception telling you that. (

Can the alter index statement be used for a partitioned index?

The partitioning clauses of the ALTER INDEX statement are valid only for partitioned indexes. The storage of partitioned database entities in tablespaces of different block sizes is subject to several restrictions. Please refer to Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide for a discussion of these restrictions.

What is allocating extents for indexes in Oracle Database?

For a local index on a hash-partitioned table, Oracle Database allocates a new extent for each partition of the index. Restriction on Allocating Extents You cannot specify this clause for an index on a temporary table or for a range-partitioned or composite-partitioned index.

What is resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified?

ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified is a common error seen in Oracle Database. Reference: Oracle documentation. This generally happens when you try to execute a DDL on the table which is locked by transaction .It also happens if select for update statement is executed with NOWAIT option. Example.

What does alter index rebuild online do in SQL Server?

For an online rebuild operation (ALTER INDEX REBUILD ONLINE), performs cleanup operations on tables associated with the older version of the index. layer_gtype. Checks to ensure that all geometries are of a specified geometry type.

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