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How do you get the gold ship in Anno 1404?

How do you get the gold ship in Anno 1404?

Once the Gold Ship is available, it can be selected as the starting ship through the Interface panel of the Game Options screen. To obtain the Gold Ship achievement requires completing over fifty of the hardest achievements in the game and will take some time to accomplish.

How do you get spices in Anno 1404?

Spice farms will only produce spices on islands with the requisite fertility which only appears on oriental islands. Spice seeds can be purchased from Grand Vizier Al Zahir and planted on any oriental island that has a customizable resource.

How do I get spices in Anno 1404?

How do you get Ascension rights in Anno 1404?

A population can increase its ascension by Attainments affecting Beggars or Envoys. With these, it is ultimately possible to have no peasants or citizens, if you have enough beggars and envoys relative to your Occidental population. In addition, there are items that grant additional ascension rights.

How many quests are there in Anno 1404?

Anno 1404 features hundreds and hundreds of quests that computer players, special AI, neutral powers, and even random people on your islands will ask the player to complete from time to time. These quests only occur when playing scenarios and continuous games. The main campaign has its own set of static quests, listed on each campaign chapter page.

What is Anno 1404 dawn of discovery?

This is for the game Anno 1404, Dawn of Discovery, where you are a budding ruler, building up an empire on a chain of islands. This is an interesting game, mainly because it is by itself in terms of historical period and it’s genre, empire building with a dash of real time strategy involved.

Does Anno 1404 have a campaign mode?

The campaign map. Anno 1404 features a single-player story mode known as the Campaign. It tells the story of planned crusade-turned-plot to overthrow the Emperor.

What is flotsam in Anno 1404?

Flotsam is defined as wreckage/floating debris of a ship or cargo. In Anno 1404 flotsam plays an important part of the game, with both many campaign quests requiring the player to pick up flotsam and many optional quests in scenarios and continuous games requiring the player to pick up flotsam.

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