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How do you make a rainbow with a flashlight and water?

How do you make a rainbow with a flashlight and water?


  1. Position your glass of water on a table and then place the mirror inside it at an angle.
  2. Make sure that the room is completely dark.
  3. Take the flashlight and aim the light towards the mirror that you placed inside the glass.
  4. Watch a rainbow appear from the angle of your mirror.

How do you make an indoor rainbow?

What To Do

  1. Place a mirror in the glass vessel, tilted slightly upward.
  2. Fill the glass vessel with water.
  3. Shine the white light from the flashlight through the glass at the mirror and point out the rainbow. (You may need to darken the room; rainbows should appear on the walls.)

How do you create a rainbow?

A rainbow is caused by sunlight and atmospheric conditions. Light enters a water droplet, slowing down and bending as it goes from air to denser water. The light reflects off the inside of the droplet, separating into its component wavelengths–or colors. When light exits the droplet, it makes a rainbow.

Where do the different colors come from how does the rainbow form in the wall?

The colors coming out of the prism, and in the rainbow, too, thus come from light, sunlight in the rainbow’s case. Sunlight is white light, but white light actually contains all of the colors of the rainbow all ready for you to see, but blended together.

How does each material produce a rainbow?

Every material has a different refractive index. When light enters a material (for example, when light traveling through the air enters the glass of a prism), the difference in the refractive index of air and glass causes the light to bend. The next time you spot a rainbow, you will see it in a whole new light.

What is a rainbow What are the two conditions necessary for the formation of a rainbow in the sky?

1. The sun should be shining. 2. It should be raining.

What conditions are needed for a rainbow?

The position of the sun and the raindrops in relation to the observer need to be just right for a rainbow to form:

  • The sun needs to be behind the viewer.
  • The sun needs to be low in the sky, at an angle of less than 42° above the horizon.
  • Rain, fog or some other source of water droplets must be in front of the viewer.

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