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How do you match wallpaper to bedding?

How do you match wallpaper to bedding?

To get this pairing right its important to choose one colour palette that is the thread between the striped wallpaper and your quilt cover and sheets. Another great way to create cohesion in your bedroom is to use the colour of the stripes to influence your bedding.

What is a cover set for bedding?

Imagine a pillow sliding into a pillowcase, and that’s more or less how a duvet and its cover function. A full duvet set usually comes with two matching pillow shams. Typically, you can purchase duvet cover sets which come with a duvet (which acts as a comforter), a cover (the comforter’s casing) and pillow shams.

Can you have patterned wallpaper and patterned duvet cover?

if you are planning add your duvet covers like these with patterns, then add extra plain cushion. Just keep the ratio. The main element of any room is the walls. If you are planning on adding textured and patterned wallpaper, then think rather of a designated feature wall, than covering the entire walls.

Do patterned curtains go with patterned wallpaper?

In order to get a balanced interior design, it’s very important to ensure that the curtains complement the wallpaper prints. The natural instinct is to use plain curtains with patterned wallpapers, however there are many other curtain designs which you can easily match with your wallpaper.

Can you put patterned wallpaper with patterned curtains?

When it comes to matching wallpaper and curtains, geometric patterned wallpapers would go well with plain curtains like our Acropolis design by Warwick. The strong shape of the wallpaper will be toned down by the plain gold curtains and provide a beautiful contrast to your room.

How do you mix and match patterns in a bedroom?

8 Tips for Mixing Patterns in Interior Design

  1. Incorporate different sizes. When you mix patterns, make sure they’re not all the same size.
  2. Use similar colors.
  3. Blend simple and complex patterns together.
  4. Choose a few.
  5. Provide contrast.
  6. Create a visual balance.
  7. Careful with prints.
  8. Know what doesn’t go.

How do you coordinate wallpaper and curtains?

You don’t have to match patterns exactly between draperies and wallpaper. Instead, look at repeating shapes from both. For example, look for curtains that echo the curves in your wallpaper. The patterns can even be a different proportion, say larger on the curtains than on the wallpaper.

Should you match wallpaper and curtains?

Your curtains don’t have to match your wallpaper, but they should share a similar color or pattern. What is this? Generally, we recommend having your curtains be a slightly different shade from your walls, depending on how light or dark they are.

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