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How do you use a marble reward jar?

How do you use a marble reward jar?

With the Marble Jar, teachers can frequently and easily reward desired behavior. Each time students exhibit a desired behavior, the teacher places a marble in the jar. Use marbles to support the behaviors that need the most attention. Once the jar is filled, the class earns a group reward.

What do you fill a reward jar with?

The goal is simple: Fill your jar with cotton balls. They get a cotton ball for doing something nice or saying something kind, without prompting. The child earns cotton balls for doing kind things.

How do you make a reward jar?


  1. Identify the theme of your Marble Jar.
  2. Pick a reasonably sized jar.
  3. Decide with your child what the reward will be.
  4. Draw a logo with your child.
  5. Place the jar in a visibly accessible place.
  6. Notice and act!

What is a marble treat?

Marble reward chart, marble reward system. Once the jars are full they get to pick a treat and then start over again. Once the jars are full they get to pick a treat and then start over again.

How many marbles fill a mason jar?

There are about 167 marbles in a jar.

What is a pom pom jar?

Anytime a child does something positive, they can earn a pom-pom. When the jar gets full, the child earns a previously agreed upon reward, or as we like to call it, a “prize.” It has REALLY motivated my kids to behave and it has decreased my tendency as a parent to yell. …

How do I reward my 4 year old?

Creating Reward Systems for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. Reward your toddler or preschooler right away.
  2. Track only one behavior.
  3. Give plenty of praise.
  4. Use simple wording.
  5. Don’t bribe.
  6. Track multiple behaviors.
  7. Consider removing points.
  8. Add time sensitivity.

What are good kids rewards?

So catch your child being good and praise their efforts often.

  • Tangible Rewards. There are times when praise isn’t enough and kids need a little extra incentive.
  • Later Bedtime.
  • Special Activities.
  • Extra Electronics Time.
  • Crafts.
  • Coupons.
  • Social Activities.
  • Food.

What is a marble jar friend?

Her daughter’s teacher has this jar in her classroom. Brené used the marble jar as a reference, and asked her daughter if she had any ‘marble jar’ friends – people that fill up her jar, and people who have jars that she fills.

How do you reward preschoolers?

How do you reward marbles in marbles jar?

Then, explain that there will be two lines on the jar – these are little reward stations. Once the class receives enough marbles to hit the first line, the whole class will receive a chosen reward. The class will continue to add marbles to the jar until they reach the second line – which will be another chosen reward.

What are the benefits of a behavior marble jar?

A behavior marble jar is all about positive reinforcement, so marbles go in and don’t come back out until the end of the day. For preschoolers, just getting up for the day could earn your child a few marbles. This helps symbolize that we all start off each day with a fresh start and a positive outlook.

What is the marbles jar filter?

Some filters moved to Formats filters, which is at the top of the page. This MARBLE JAR digital interactive reward is perfect for any teacher to add a fun way to implement a whole-class or individual reward system with their students. It is easy to use and super fun!

What is the best way to teach marbles to kids?

You could even use a large glass fish bowl for the majority of the marbles, and then move them to a smaller jar as they earn the reward. Each child should have their own jar, too.

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