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How long do Braun shaver cartridges last?

How long do Braun shaver cartridges last?

Each cleaning cartridge should last for about 30 cleaning cycles. With daily use, the cleaning cartridge should be replaced around every 4 weeks.

What is the latest Braun shaver model?

Braun Series 9
Braun series nine is the world’s most efficient electric shaver. The five shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for a flawless shave….

Brand Braun
Model name Braun Series 9 9390cc Latest Generation Electric Shaver Clean and Charge Station Leather Case
Number of blades 1

Where is Braun razors made?

Braun’s product range includes about 200 products which are manufactured at its ten production plants in Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, China, Mexico, and the United States. Braun products are distributed worldwide by Boston-based Gillette Group, which has owned the company since 1967.

How often should you change Braun clean and Renew cartridge?

around 4 to 6 times a year
Braun are the only brand using alcohol-based cleaning fluid which eliminates 99.999% of all germs and bacteria in every cleaning process. To ensure the refill cartridge that holds the fluid is most effective when cleaning, you will need to replace it around 4 to 6 times a year.

How do I dispose of Braun clean and Renew cartridge?

No, the Braun Clean & Renew container (cartridge) is not recyclable; it can be placed out for regular garbage/rubbish pick-up. The cleaning fluid is safe for the environment when disposed of.

What is the difference between Braun Series 8 and 9?

Compared side by side, the Series 8 is louder. The cleaning stations of the Series 8 and 9 look exactly the same on the outside, but the one of the Series 9 is heavier and all of them are fitted with a fan that dries the shaving head once the cleaning cycle has been completed. Braun Series 8 and 9 cleaning stations.

What is the difference between Braun 92S and 92M?

This 92S shaver head is a shiny silver while the 92B is black and the 92M is a matte silver. From your description, it sounds like the 92M replacement head will match your Series 9 shaver. Your Braun Team.

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