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How long does ferns and petals take to deliver?

How long does ferns and petals take to deliver?

Fix Time Deliveries We cannot commit the exact time for delivery. Subject to the other terms of the Shipping Disclaimer, the order will be delivered +30 or -30 minutes as per selected time.

Is Cash on Delivery available on ferns and petals?

Pay through your debit card ,credit card or pay cash on delivery. They have special offers and discounts on special occasions and festivals. Not only this, you can even pay only after you are satisfied with your purchase through their cash on delivery option.

How do you contact ferns and petals?

011 91 92124 22000
Ferns N Petals/Customer service

How can I send flowers to another city?

The best option is to order the flowers from a florist shop in the recipient’s area. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you’ll also get a fresher, better-looking arrangement. You can, however, also order flowers online through a wire delivery, or order gatherer, service.

Which plant is best for Birthday gift?

Best Plants To Gift on Birthday in India

  • Potted Red Poinsettia:
  • Feng Shui Bamboo Plant:
  • Beautiful Jade Plant:
  • Potted Gerbera Plant:
  • Rose and Jasmine Plant:
  • Ixora Blooms:
  • Zamia Plant:
  • Boston Fern Potted Plant:

Are petals ferns trustworthy?

I Placed an order and paid online Rs 5000/- for birthday products including the delivery charges. The order was not attempted to be delivered. They updated fake details stating the address could not be found while I have been staying at the same address for many years.

Does ferns and petals deliver all over India?

At Ferns N Petals, online flower delivery happens to destinations all over India and abroad.

What is Express Hand Delivery?

Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping. The customer pays an extra shipping cost for this type of delivery, as the shipment will get transported to him anywhere between 24 to 72 hours.

Who are florists?

Definition of florist : a person who sells or grows for sale flowers and ornamental plants.

Which plant is best for birthday gift?

Is a plant a good birthday gift?

Plants are a classic gift and appropriate for many occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even in sympathy, plants are an appreciated gift. You don’t want to give someone a burden or a plant that could make someone sick.

How long has Ferns N Petals been delivering flowers?

For over 20 years, Ferns N Petals is helping you to celebrate your special moments by delivering fresh flowers and fabulous gifts to your loved ones. Ferns N Petals was established in 1994 and flower bouquet delivery was the first and only thing that we were doing.

Is there a Midnight Flower Delivery Service in Delhi?

Ans:-Yes, We provide a midnight flower delivery service in Delhi. So, you can get gorgeous and Beautiful flowers for your loved ones right at midnight you must place orders by 8:00 PM sharp. Q. What are the types of flowers offered by Ferns N Petals in Delhi?

How to send flowers to someone in Delhi NCR?

You can contact the gifts store in Delhi NCR to get the delivery of the gift. If you want to send an elaborate flower arrangement or a simple bouquet, flowers store in Delhi NCR is your best option.

Which is the best online gift shop in Delhi?

Ferns N Petals Is the Best Gift Shop in Delhi. Ferns N Petals have been in the world of gifting for more than two decades. So, with expertise in every field of gifting, it has emerged to be a big player in the market and undoubtedly it is the best platform to buy a gift.

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