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How many people survived the South Korean ferry?

How many people survived the South Korean ferry?

The ship soon capsized. More than 300 people were killed. Only 172 passengers made it off alive. The disaster enraged, and traumatized, the nation.

What happened to Sewol ferry captain?

An appeals court has sentenced the South Korean captain of the Sewol ferry to life in prison on a murder charge, strengthening an earlier conviction. He had been found guilty in November of gross negligence and sentenced to 36 years, but relatives of the dead were furious he was not convicted of murder.

What is responsible for the deaths of the sewol ferry disaster?

Over 300 people, most of them students on a school trip, died when the vessel sank on April 16, 2014, into violent seas off the nation’s southwestern coast. While the exact cause of the accident is still unclear, it is widely blamed on overloaded cargo, improper storage and other negligence.

Who is responsible for Sewol ferry?

A court orders the South Korean government to pay $177,000 for families of deceased passengers of ill-fated ferry. The South Korean government is liable for the botched rescue of 304 people who drowned when their overloaded ferry sank, a court has ruled.

How many survived in Sewol ferry?

Survivors of South Korea’s Sewol ferry disaster have begun testifying against the captain and crew. The passenger ferry capsized on 16 April, killing 304 of the 476 people on board. More than 300 passengers were Danwon High School pupils on an organised trip, but only 75 students survived.

How many survived in sewol ferry?

What did the government do in the sewol ferry?

SEOUL (Reuters) – A South Korean court on Thursday acknowledged for the first time the government’s liability for the 2014 sinking of the Sewol ferry, which killed 304 people, mainly school children, and ordered it to compensate victims’ families.

Are there still missing bodies from Sewol ferry?

Later, the bodies of four victims were recovered during a belated salvage operation, but the other five still remain unaccounted for. The ferry sinking has left an emotional scar on many South Koreans and remained as a national trauma following the then conservative government’s botched efforts to rescue the victims.

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