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How many specs does Houston have?

How many specs does Houston have?

Spec’s Expands Throughout Houston Spec’s phenomenal growth now includes 24 stores and 475 employees all over the Greater Houston area.

Do specs sell cigars?

With over 40,000 labels of wines, spirits, liqueurs, beers, and finer foods, Spec’s indeed fills all 80,000 square feet of selling space. The walk-in cigar humidor offers over 900 cigars–more than many tobacconist stores.

How much do specs employees make?

Highest Paying Jobs At Spec’s While the average employee salary at Spec’s is $37,988, there is a big variation in pay depending on the role.

Is Goody Goody owned by specs?

May 23, 2017 Updated: May 24, 2017 10:14 a.m. Total Wine & More is taking over two Houston-area Goody Goody liquor stores as the Maryland-based company continues its aggressive growth and goes head-to-head with local stalwart Spec’s.

Who owns specs Texas?

Two years later, Van Huff and Rydman, Spec’s president and owner, were summoned to TABC headquarters and given a “settlement agreement” proposing to fine the retailer $8.6 million, cancel 16 of its liquor store permits and agree to “enhanced oversight” for two years.

Is specs open on Christmas?

Specs gets a large portion of their yearly traffic during the holidays as people are preparing for family and friends. While they are closed on Sundays they are open for most common holidays outside of New Years, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Is specs a good place to work?

Specs is a great company. Fun work environment with discount liquor. Pay could be better. Easy to request off just plan ahead.

Do you have to be 21 to go into specs?

By placing your order you have represented to Spec’s that you are at least 21. All alcoholic beverages shipped must be received by an adult of legal drinking age. However, we are able to ship non-alcoholic products to all states.

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