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How many types are there in High School Story?

How many types are there in High School Story?

When High School Story first opens for a new player, you have the ability to choose from three types and are encouraged to choose the type you identify with most. Are you a Jock, a Nerd, or a Prep? We wanted them to feel different for player customization.

How do you get a Homecoming in High School Story?

Any Homecoming student can be obtainable by spending 50 tickets in the Weekly Goals tab.

Can you change your character type in High School Story?

When you begin playing High School Story, you are given a choice of which clique you want your Main Character to belong to. These choices are Jock, Prep, or Nerd. You will then be able to decide your Main Character’s gender, male or female.

How many levels of dating are in High School Story?

What are the stages of dating in high school story? The seven dating stages are Flirting, Crushing, Online Official, Sweethearts, In Love, Head Over Heels and Over the Moon. The date is real and they will become a couple, if the date is successful.

Is High School Story ending?

This summer, we’ve decided to close the book on this chapter of our Pixelberry story. To all of you who stuck with us, thank you for playing! HSS was the first game I ever worked as a Designer on, and it’ll always hold an incredibly special place in my heart.

What are the types of classmates?

Types Of Classmates You’ll Meet in Secondary School

  • Teacher’s Pet. Never say never to the teacher’s instructions and will not do anything that is against the rules.
  • The Bossy Ones.
  • Drama Queen.
  • The Big Bully.
  • The Unorganised.
  • The Smart Ones.
  • The Average.

How do you get a wallflower girl on High School Story?

Combination List

  1. Prep + Gamer.
  2. Nerd + Cheerleader.
  3. Jock + Student Government.

How do I get any of the classmates in high school story?

You have your jocks, your nerds and your preps and they are all represented in High School Story. However, there are plenty more classmates that you can get. Read on for a list on how to get any of the classmates! Right off the bat, you can buy the nerd, the jock and the prep right at the admissions office, and they take quite awhile to admit.

What is high school story?

High School Story puts you in charge of building a brand new high school, and for any new school, you tend to have different types of cliques and categorizations (as anybody who has ever been to high school will probably know). You have your jocks, your nerds and your preps and they are all represented in High School Story.

How to find old classmates on Facebook?

Another way to find old classmates on Facebook is to find someone in your friends list who you went to high school with. Then go through their friends list to see if there are any other people from school you wish to friend.

How rare is the homecoming king in high school?

The Homecoming King is less rare and is FAR less expensive, though he’s still very expensive. There are more combinations that can work, too. Click here to go to part two of the High School Story combinations guide!

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