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How much did the Bristol 410 cost?

How much did the Bristol 410 cost?

Even if one was to find one in as fantastic condition as this, the price would be much higher. This classic Bristol is listed for $175,075, but feel free to contact them with an offer.

What is a Bristol 410?

The Bristol 410 was the fourth series of Chrysler V8-engined models from British manufacturer Bristol Cars. It was the last Bristol to use the 5.2-litre (318 cubic-inch) engine originally found in the Bristol 407. A similar panel on the other side of the car housed the spare wheel and jack.

Are Bristol cars reliable?

If properly restored and maintained, a Bristol or Alvis will prove to be reliable transport. Both have surprisingly good manufacturer support, unusual in rare cars of this age, as well as several specialists and terrific owners’ clubs.

What car does Lindley Drive?

Suave detective Thomas Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) comes from distinguished stock. The posh cop, who drives around in a flash Bristol 410 car, is the 8th Earl of Asherton.

What kind of car does Inspector Lynley Drive in Season 4?

Inspector Lynley’s distinctive blue sports car in the early series is a Jensen Interceptor Mk II. In later series, Lynley’s brown car is a 1968 Bristol 410, an extremely exclusive make of vehicle built in England.

What red car does Lynley drive?

Bristol 410
Bristol 410 – the car of inspector Lynley mysteries.

What kind of car is a Bristol?

Bristol Cars was a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars headquartered in Bristol, England. After being placed in receivership and being taken over in 2011, it entered liquidation in February 2020.

What engine is in a Bristol car?

Both will use a version of Chrysler’s 6.4-litre petrol Hemi V8 engine, driving through an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Bristol had a long relationship with Chrysler, mostly using V8s, although the original Fighter had an 8.0-litre Dodge V10.

Who made the Alvis car?

Alvis was founded by engineer and businessman Thomas G John in Coventry in 1919. Six years later, it became the first car maker to design and race a front-wheel-drive car. Three years after that, its front-drive cars claimed first and second places at Le Mans.

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