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How much does a good Dobro cost?

How much does a good Dobro cost?

Dobros $250 – $500 As always, you should buy as much resonator guitar as your budget allows, but if your budget puts you in this price category, rest assured that you have some great resonator guitars from which to “pick!”

Are Dobro guitars still made?

The high end Dobro’s are still made in the USA. There are two versions of the entry level “Hound Dog” by Dobro; one USA made, one imported.

Is Dobro easy?

The dobro is not only an unusual and enthralling instrument to most audiences, but it is also a very fun instrument to learn and play. Once you get started with your lessons, you will soon discover that the dobro is a surprisingly easy instrument to learn.

Why is a Dobro called a Dobro?

The name originated in 1928 when the Dopyera brothers formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company. “Dobro” is both a contraction of “Dopyera brothers” and a word meaning “goodness” in their native Slovak. This six course (6×1) guitar has a squared-off neck with raised strings for Hawaiian-style playing.

What is the difference between a slide guitar and a Dobro?

The main difference between a dobro and any guitar is that dobros are meant to be played exclusively with a slide. Most (not all) dobros have a square neck and they have high nut that makes the action so high that it’s basically impossible to fret a note. The orientation of the dobro when playing is more like a piano.

How long does it take to learn dobro?

Dobro is a bit like chess. It takes just a few minutes to learn the basics but a lifetime to master. If you can count to seven, and can recognize chord changes, then you got a good start.

Is a dobro like a banjo?

Dobro can be very much like the banjo sometimes and not at all like it other times. Playing open, it’s kind of like playing banjo with one finger on your left hand and of course, no 5th string. Playing closed positions is a whole other thing.

Where are Epiphone Dobro made?

‘Dobro’ National copy, made in China by Gibson.

What is the best Dobro guitar to buy?

Alabama Dobro guitar . In good shape. Plays nice, very cool sound. Looking for 550 obo Takamine D180. Dobro resinator guitar Dobro resonator guitar 1930s. This guitar is going on a century, is in really good shape and plays great. Has lived in the case when not in use as long as I’ve had it.

How much does a custom dobro cost?

Dobro from Long & McQuade ($929.00) Hound Dog Square Neck is enhanced and projected by a new proprietary Dobro cone. With its classic construction compelling tone, the Hound Dog Square Neck represents Gibson Originals deep respect for both the instruments history and the needs of todays players.

What is a dobro guitar and how does it sound?

Slide into the sweet steel sounds of the ‘dobro guitar.’ Originally designed as a louder option than traditional acoustics, the resonator guitar’s signature, percussive sound is a staple in bluegrass, blues, folk, and country music and it’s an instrument whose star is on the rise in cutting-edge modern indie and traditional rock genres alike.

Is this a dobro from 1930s?

Up for sale is a pretty cool piece of history. It’s a Regal resonator guitar from the 1930s. Sometimes called a Dobro. The refinished top and back look awesome.

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