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How much does it cost to install artificial grass in Melbourne?

How much does it cost to install artificial grass in Melbourne?

You can expect to pay between: $50 and $75 per square metre for low to mid-priced synthetic grass to be installed. $75 to $100 per square metre to supply and install more expensive grass, or for a more complex installation.

How much should it cost to install synthetic grass?

All things considered, you can expect to pay around $30 – $50 per square metre of artificial grass. However, this is only for the cost of the grass itself. The installation prices can range from $35 – $55 per square metre depending on the given project.

How much does artificial turf cost Australia?

Turf prices are more affordable than alternative landscaping

Outdoor Surface Price Per Square Metre (m2)
Natural Turf $25.30 – $31.75
Artificial Turf $56.75 – $279.25
Concrete $80.00 – $150.00
Pavers $143.50 – $216.50

Is artificial grass cheaper?

Artificial grass is cheaper, more attractive, and better for the environment than traditional grass. As long as you have your turf professionally installed, it will make you happy for a long, long time.

What is the best synthetic grass Australia?

The Savannah Broad Leaf range is the most luxurious artificial lawn on offer at Australian Outdoor Living. Its 37mm pile height makes it the most realistic artificial lawn grass in our product range, giving it qualities that even natural lawn would be jealous of.

Why is artificial grass so expensive?

While it’s true that artificial turf is much less expensive to maintain than natural grass, the cost of it is so expensive upfront because of the procedure it takes to establish and install the turf. The area must also be graded and leveled to ensure a proper surface for the artificial turf to be put onto.

Is it expensive to remove artificial turf?

Even the best artificial playing surface degrades with use. When it reaches the end of its lifespan, operators are faced with disposal costs. Because of excavation and handling materials, removal costs can be up to $130,000 per field plus landfill costs according to the University of Georgia.

Do weeds grow through artificial grass?

Although artificial grass has a higher resistance to weeds than natural turf, it’s still possible for weeds to grow around the edges or infrequently through small holes in the backing. Weeds can also grow through the infill, depending on the type of infill that has been used during the installation.

How much does synthetic grass cost in Australia?

For a good quality Australian made synthetic grass, you should expect to pay between $30 and $49 per sq/m. There are a range of styles which you can expect to find in this price range such as Cool Turf, Tru Lawn and a number of others.

Why choose our artificial grass suppliers in Melbourne?

We are the leading artificial grass suppliers in Melbourne who have great concern towards our potential customers that can be expressed by sending chemical-free quality artificial grass with free delivery services. The overall artificial grass cost is quite low and affordable, the wonders of such grass are admiring than you expect.

How much does it cost to install artificial grass?

$75 to $100 per square metre to supply and install more expensive grass, or for a more complex installation For a comparison regular turf costs in the region of $25 to $35 per square metre, so it is significantly cheaper but expensive to maintain.

Why choose scapeworks to lay turf in Melbourne?

With affordable prices, discover the wonders of instant natural turf or artificial grass for your Melbourne property! Delivering a premier range of both natural and synthetic turf to homes across Melbourne, Scapeworks is the name to trust when you want high quality turf laying.

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