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How much does it cost to upload to link up TV?

How much does it cost to upload to link up TV?

Link Up TV charges about $1000 per content and for proper promotional works.

Who runs Link Up TV?

Rashid Kasirye
The site is owned by Rashid Kasirye and Enea Tanku, with the YouTube channel being launched in 2008 and the company being incorporated in 2012.

How do I get LinkUpTV?

Simply complete the form below to begin…

  1. I would like to: Choose an option from the list. Submit a Music Video (for inclusion on YouTube and LinkUpTV website) Submit your Beat. Submit your MixTape. Submit for Video Vault. Submit request to appear on Freestyle Show.
  2. Your name:
  3. Your alias:
  4. Email address.

Who is the owner of GRM Daily?

Koby ‘Posty’ Hagan
Meet Koby ‘Posty’ Hagan: Founder Of GRM Daily Elevating The U.K. Music Scene.

How do I submit to GRM?

How to upload a video to GRM Daily

  1. Email your video and info to GRM Dailys submissions email: [email protected]
  2. GRM should then send you over an email presenting the different artist packages and prices you can choose from (GRM Exclusive cannot be paid for)

How do I get GRM premiere?

What does GRM Daily stand for?

Grime and Rap Music
Urban entertainment brand Grime daily re-launches brand and website as GRM Daily. Now known as GRM Daily – standing for Grime and Rap Music – the move falls in line with the brand’s ethos as the home of urban entertainment.

How do I get in touch with GRM Daily?

Contact the team on [email protected] if you want to find out more about the site or how we can work with you.

How do I get my music on GRM Daily?

GRM Daily on Twitter: “To submit your music video to GRM Daily email: [email protected]” / Twitter.

How do I upload to GRM?

How do I get on GRM Daily?

Send us an Email at [email protected] to get your video on GRM Daily!

Who started GRM Daily?

GRM Daily

Type Privately held
Founded 2009
Founders Matt ‘Sketchy’ Thorne Pierre Godson-Amamoo Koby ‘Posty’ Hagan
Area served United Kingdom

How to design a small TV studio design?

In a small TV studio design, keep the talent as far from the background as possible. This helps with lighting and sound isolation, and brings out depth. Additionally, you can gain a visual advantage by not shooting dead on perpendicular flat to the background.

How much does it cost to build a TV studio?

This article is more than 9 years old. These days, you can build a professional looking and sounding TV studio for Internet video for less than $2000. The video below shows exactly how to do it.

Why hire a TV studio design consultant or systems integrator?

Whether the studio is a new build, an upgrade or relocation of an existing TV studio, it is essential that you find a TV studio design consultant or systems integrator to assist with the design and layout of the building and to develop a detailed design brief and specification for all the TV studio technical systems.

What is a TV studio?

A TV studio is just a large empty room with a lighting grid overhead, everything else is usually brought in for each TV production.

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