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How much is a 2001 Indian spirit worth?

How much is a 2001 Indian spirit worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $20,995 $5,345
Options (Change)
Total Price $20,995 $5,345
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Who owns Indian Motorcycles?

Polaris Industries Inc.
Who owns Indian Motorcycle®? Polaris Industries Inc. purchased Indian Motorcycle Company in April 2011. Polaris Industries, founded in 1954, is a $3 billion power sports company with a history of developing segment leading, high quality products.

Where is Indian Motorcycle made?

Spirit Lake
Today, the tradition of premium craftsmanship in American manufacturing lives on at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA; the home of Indian Motorcycle and the birthplace of each new bike we make.

Who made Indian motorcycles in 2001?

Indian Motorcycle Company of America
Between 2001 and 2003, the Indian Motorcycle Company of America, based in Gilroy, California, built a Scout model using proprietary engine and transmission parts….”Gilroy” Scout.

Manufacturer Indian Motorcycle Company of America
Wheelbase 67 in (1,700 mm)
Seat height 26.5 in (670 mm)
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How much does a 2001 Indian Scout weigh?

Indian of Gilroy produced a Scout in 2001. The scout was the light weight bike of the three that were produced. It was fitted with a dry primary drive unit using a belt drive instead of a wet clutch and chain set up. The weight of this bike was 606 pounds.

Do Hells Angels ride Indian motorcycles?

It’s a long-standing rule that North American outlaw bikers such as the Hells Angels and Outlaws must ride American-made motorcycles — which limits them to Harley-Davidsons and a few smaller brands, like Indian and Victory.

How many cc’s is a 2001 Indian Scout?

Indian Scout

Make Model Indian Scout
Year 2001
Engine Four stroke, V-twin, 2 valve per cylinder.
Capacity 1442 cc / 88 cu-in
Bore x Stroke 92.3 x 103 mm

What engine does the Indian Scout have?

V-twin engine
The Scout’s beating heart is a powerful 1,133 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine that produces an impressive 100 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque.

How reliable are Indian motorcycles?

The Indian Scout is one of the most reliable American cruisers on the motorcycle market. These bikes are well-built, high-quality machines and owners typically experience few problems providing they don’t ride too aggressively and stay on top of maintenance and routine oil changes.

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