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How much is a garden wedding in Kenya?

How much is a garden wedding in Kenya?

The Garden Pond view can host up to 150 guests at an average cost of Ksh. 75,000 while Kigwa Road View can host 500 guests and its approximately Ksh. 120,000. Another popular location is the 10th Tee that can cost you about Ksh.

How much does a wedding in Kenya cost?

An average range of Ksh20,000 and below (some quoting as low as Ksh3,000) for a full wedding was deemed as the fair tag- with most agreeing that civil ceremonies were ideal for couples on a tight budget. “Less than 30 people attended our wedding and it cost us Ksh20,000.

How much does a good wedding cost in Kenya?

Half of this amount, the report says, is spent on the day of the wedding, with the cost of a conservative wedding coming to about KSh500,000 and the more extravagant ones coming to even KSh43 million, with the cost of the honeymoon included.

How much does a civil wedding cost in Kenya?

Fees[edit] Civil Marriage by Special License (applies to Kenyans and foreigners). A Fee of Kshs 9,700 is charged if wedding is being conducted in the Registrar’s office and Kshs. 16,700.00 if the wedding will take place in a garden.

How much does a church wedding cost in Kenya?

7,200.00 is charged if wedding is being conducted in a licensed place of worship and Kshs. 14,200.00 if the wedding takes in a garden. A Fee of is Kshs. 14,200.00 is charged if wedding is being conducted in a licensed place of worship and Kshs.

How do I get married in Ag in Kenya?

The first step towards getting married at the AG’s office is visiting Sheria House. You should go to these offices with your spouse. Some of the requirements you should have include copies of your passports and national ID cards. The next step is to fill a form dubbed the notice of intention to marry.

Can one get married twice in Kenya?

2014 polygamy legalisation In March 2014, Kenya’s Parliament passed a bill allowing men to marry multiple wives. The act also defines marriage as “the voluntary union of a man and a woman whether in a monogamous or polygamous union registered under the Act”.

Can a man marry two wives legally in Kenya?

Can foreigners get married in Kenya?

Legal requirements. For a Kenyan citizen to legally marry a non-Kenyan in Kenya, both parties must register with the Registrar of Marriages, which must be done at least 21 days prior to the ceremony. A solicitor or notary must also provide a signed affidavit that the non-Kenyan party is legally eligible to be married.

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