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How much is an original Thomas Edison phonograph worth?

How much is an original Thomas Edison phonograph worth?

First introduced by Thomas Edison in the 1870s, the typical cylinder is black or blue and about four inches long and two inches in diameter. Most of them are worth less than $5, but some can be worth a $100 or more. Cylinders that are brown, pink, green or orange, or bigger than two inches, can be worth up to $200.

How do you identify an Edison phonograph?

The model type was located at the top or bottom of the plate (with the bottom being the most common.) 1911 was the year that saw Edison producing phonographs under “Thomas A. Edison, Inc.” rather than the previous “National Phonograph Company”. Sometimes one will see very late patent plates reflecting the name change.

When was the Edison phonograph made?

The first phonograph was invented in 1877 at the Menlo Park lab. A piece of tin-foil was wrapped around the cylinder in the middle. You shouted a short message into the piece on one side of the cylinder while you turned the handle.

What are old Edison records worth?

Unfortunately, Edison records are hit-and-miss with respect to collector interest. Most seem to sell for $1 to $3 each, but there are some scattered among them that are more valuable.

Does a phonograph use electricity?

Modern record players and turntables need electricity to power the motor that spins the turntable. The amplifier for the speakers connected to your record player will also need electricity. Unless you have an antique hand-crank phonograph, your record player will require some type of electricity.

Who invented the phonograph in 1878?

Thomas Edison
The technology that made the modern music business possible came into existence in the New Jersey laboratory where Thomas Edison created the first device to both record sound and play it back. He was awarded U.S. Patent No. 200,521 for his invention—the phonograph—on February 19, 1878.

Who invented the phonograph?

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  • What is Edison phonograph?

    The Edison Standard Phonograph was a real breakthrough in the “middle income” market of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Introduced in early 1898, it proved to be a durable machine with good performance that sold well. As tastes and customer demands changed, the model types changed as well.

    When was the phonograph invented?

    The Story of the Phonograph. Invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison,the phonograph was the first device able to reproduce recorded sound.

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