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How much is the toll from NJ to PA on 78?

How much is the toll from NJ to PA on 78?

The toll plaza has four conventional lanes and two Express E-ZPass lanes. Just after the toll plaza is the Pennsylvania Welcome Center….

Interstate 78 Toll Bridge
Daily traffic 56,100
Toll Westbound: $3.00 for cars without E-ZPass $1.25 for cars with E-ZPass

Can you get from NJ to PA without paying tolls?

We took a look at the tolls and fares for bridges and ferries leaving N.J. and ranked them according to their standard base rate. Free Bridge Crossings. Yes, free! Starting in Trenton and headed north, there are more than a dozen bridges that will take you from New Jersey to Pennsylvania without costing you a cent.

How much is the toll on the Trenton Morrisville Bridge?

The Trenton–Morrisville Toll Bridge is one of three road bridges connecting Trenton, New Jersey with Morrisville, Pennsylvania….

Trenton–Morrisville Toll Bridge
Opened December 1, 1952
Toll Southbound: $3.00 toll-by-plate for cars $1.25 E-ZPass for cars

Is 78 a toll road in NJ?

The Interstate 78 Toll Bridge carries traffic over the Delaware River between Northampton County, Pennsylvania and Warren County, New Jersey.

How do I pay my NJ Turnpike toll online?

To pay online, visit To pay by phone, call 973-368-1425. And to pay Page 3 New Jersey Turnpike Authority Toll-By-Mail FAQ April 2020 by mail, send your check or money order along with the payment coupon or coupons to NJ E-ZPass, P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650.

What bridges connect NJ and PA?

The Walt Whitman Bridge is a suspension bridge across the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Gloucester City, New Jersey.

Is Trenton bridge free?

It is known as the Trenton Makes Bridge because of large lettering of its motto on the south side reading “TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES”, installed in 1935. This bridge is the southernmost free road crossing of the Delaware; no toll is collected.

What is the toll for the Commodore Barry bridge?

The Commodore Barry Bridge (also known as the Commodore John Barry Bridge or John Barry Bridge) is a cantilever bridge that spans the Delaware River from Chester, Pennsylvania to Bridgeport, in Logan Township, New Jersey….

Commodore Barry Bridge
Toll $5.00 (westbound) (E-ZPass)
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap

How is 78 road?

State Route 78 (SR 78) is a state highway in the U.S. state of California that runs from Oceanside east to Blythe, traversing nearly the entire width of the state….California State Route 78.

State Route 78
Length 215.39 mi (346.64 km)
Existed 1934–present
Tourist routes Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Road
Major junctions

Where does 78 start and end?

Interstate 78 (I-78) is an east–west interstate highway in the Northeast United States, running 144 miles (231 km) from I-81 northeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania through Allentown, Pennsylvania and western and northern New Jersey to the Holland Tunnel and Lower Manhattan in New York City.

What is the length of the Interstate 78 Toll Bridge?

The Interstate 78 Toll Bridge was opened to traffic on November 21, 1989. The bridge is a twin four-girder, seven-span continuous structure with an overall length of 1,222 feet. It is supported on hammerhead-reinforced concrete piers and reinforced concrete abutments.

Where are the tolls going up in NJ?

RELATED: Tolls going up on several spans connecting NJ, Pennsylvania The bridges include: The Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge, the New Hope-Lambertville Toll Bridge, the Interstate 78 Toll Bridge, the Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge, the Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge, the Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge and the Milford-Montague Toll Bridge.

When was I 78 built in New Jersey?

With the creation of the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s, a highway was planned along US 22 through northern New Jersey, becoming I-78 in 1958. The highway between Phillipsburg and Newark was built in various stages from the 1960s to 1989, with the final segment opening at the Interstate 78 Toll Bridge.

Where does I-78 enter New Jersey from Pennsylvania?

I-78 enters New Jersey from Pennsylvania on the Interstate 78 Toll Bridge over the Delaware River, which is maintained by the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, heading into Phillipsburg, Warren County.

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