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How much should wood shutters cost?

How much should wood shutters cost?

Wood shutters cost $200 to $350 per window, while faux or composite shutters cost between $70 and $260 per window….Average Cost of Plantation Shutters.

National Average Cost $2,350
Average Range $1,450 to $3,360

What is the cost of interior shutters?

Expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot for a custom job. Wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200. So why would anyone cough up so much cash for plantation shutters anyway?

How much do custom wood shutters cost?

Average Cost for Wood Plantation Shutters Based on national averages compiled by HomeAdvisor and HomeGuide, wood shutters typically run between $200–$400 per panel, or $400-$800 per standard 3′ x 5′ window. Your exact cost may be less or more, depending on your unique home, its types of windows and its window sizes.

Are vinyl interior shutters better than wood?

Wood is stronger but vinyl is better in moist areas. We will look at the features and benefits of both vinyl and wooden shutters as well as the best rooms and locations for each. If you decide to buy either wooden or vinyl shutters, speak to the interior design specialists at Graham’s & Son.

Are plantation shutters more expensive than blinds?

Cost of Plantation Shutters Generally, blinds have a lower price tag compared to shutters, but there are long-term aspects that can balance out that initial cost. Thinking long-term and about window treatment replacements, Plantation shutters win out over blinds.

Which is better faux or wood plantation shutters?

Fauxwood shutters aren’t just stronger than real wood shutters, but they’re also more durable due to their composite materials. Built with a reinforced interior designed to resist warping, fauxwood shutters are designed to last for many years.

How long do wood shutters last?

Wood shutters are relatively long-lasting AND they can be repainted. Generally speaking, you may get anywhere from 10 to 20+ years out of use out of your shutters. However, they are more vulnerable to rot, termites and moisture damage comparatively.

Do plantation shutters darken a room?

Conclusion! Shutters do not use any room darkening fabric or material, but their functionality turns them into room darkening window solution. According to the window designers, shutters are more effective than blinds and shades when it comes to controlling sunlight.

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