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How much weight can step deck ramps hold?

How much weight can step deck ramps hold?

Product details. The step deck trailer ramp is the most versatile ramp system for loading tractors, loaders, trucks, and heavy equipment onto step deck trailers, loading docks, or flatbed trailers. These high-strength, lightweight aluminum ramps are easy to set up, and have a 23,500 lb. per axle weight capacity.

Is Step deck better than flatbed?

The main difference between the flatbed trailer and the step deck, or double-drop flatbed trailers is the maximum height of the cargo that can be transported. But the step deck, with its lowered deck gives you the means to haul slightly taller cargo while keeping the transportation logistics to a minimum.

What’s a load leveler?

Load leveler bridges are an essential tool for truckers transporting flatbed loads on a step deck trailer. 5 inch of adjustment of overall width to accommodate most drop deck trailers by simply pulling a pin and rotating.

How long are step deck ramps?

8ft x 18 in ramps.

What are step deck loads?

Advantages of Step Deck Freight Shipping A step deck trailer is a form of a flatbed trailer in that it has no sides, roof, or doors. Where a step deck differs is that it has two deck levels. The higher, shorter one is positioned closer to the front of the trailer where the tractor hitch is located.

What are load leveling shocks?

Load-leveler suspensions maintain an optimum ride height when heavy cargo is loaded into the rear of a vehicle or when towing and hauling a trailer. One is a hydro-pneumatic system that automatically pumps more fluid into the rear shock absorbers to maintain the right ride height, while still absorbing bumps.

What is a pup trailer?

A pup trailer refers to a small trailer, usually between 26 to 28 feet, and commonly pulled in singles or triples. Most companies use pup trailers to make deliveries to their clients in various destinations.

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