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How old is Brasov?

How old is Brasov?

First attested in 1529, the Blacksmiths’ Bastion is now home to the Brasov Archives which hosts more than 100,000 old and rare documents, including 80 valuable 14th – 16th century letters. Among them is the oldest letter in the Romanian language, written in 1521 by Neacsu, a merchant from the town of Campulung.

Is Brasov worth visiting?

Located at the very heart of Romania, Brasov is perhaps the country’s most well-known destination next to Bucharest. Brasov is a beautiful picturesque city and admiring its charms is well worth a trip on its own. That said, Brasov also serves as an excellent base to explore the breathtaking Transylvania region.

What is Brasov known for?

Brasov is an excellent base to explore Transylvania’s castles, villages, and mountains….Here are some of the most popular Brasov day trips.

  • This castle tour visits Bran Castle, Peles Castle, and Rasnov Fortress.
  • Explore the area’s Fortified Churches.
  • Interested in wildlife?

Is Romania still a poor country?

Over a quarter of Romania’s population lives on less than US$5.50 a day, the highest poverty rate in the EU. Romania remains one of the least urbanized countries in the EU: a large number of poor people—75 percent of the population—live in rural areas.

Is Romania English friendly?

Romania is one of the countries where English is very well understood and spoken, according to an international map drawn up by Education First. The Education First top shows that English is best spoken by young people aged between 18 and 25, and that women speak better English than men in almost all countries.

What religion is practiced in Romania?

Romania is a very religious country. Christianity is the largest faith, with roughly 81.9% of the population identifying as Romanian Orthodox Christians, 6.4% identifying as Protestant Christians and 4.3% identifying as Roman Catholics in the 2011 census.

What is there to do in Brasov at night?

Top Attractions in Brasov

  • Brasov Historical Center. 1,342. Neighborhoods • Historic Walking Areas.
  • Muntele Tâmpa. 1,076. Mountains.
  • Piața Sfatului. 1,567. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Black Church (Biserica Neagra) 2,173.
  • Prima Scoala Romaneasca. 241.
  • Tampa Cable Car. 365.
  • Coresi Shopping Mall. 130.
  • Yekaterina’s Gate. 294.

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