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How old is Dipper Pines in 2021?

How old is Dipper Pines in 2021?

Dipper is a curious, clever and inventive 13-year old who is determined to uncover the secrets of Gravity Falls.

Is Gideon in love with Mabel?

At the show, Gideon meets Mabel, and quickly develops a huge crush on her. He shows up at the Mystery Shack the next day, and asks her if she wants to go to his dressing room so they can perform makeovers on each other. Mabel accepts the offer.

How old is Gideon from Gravity Falls?

Gideon Gleeful is a 9-year-old citizen of Gravity Falls.

What happened to waddles in Gravity Falls?

Waddles in Soos’ body. When this happens, Soos leaves the Mystery Shack on an “adventure” while Waddles walks around the Mystery Shack looking for things to eat. Eventually, Waddles ends up in the gift shop and starts chewing on some clothes.

Is there an international version of Gravity Falls?

This page is a list of international versions of Gravity Falls. Note: Any character names that are different in international versions are listed as their original versions on the corresponding Disney channel website.

What is the name of the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls?

In Indonesia, the series is called Gravity Falls . Stan is called “Paman Stan,” meaning “Uncle Stan” but sometimes he is called “Grunkle Stan” in many episodes. The Mystery Shack is called “Pondok Misteri” (Meaning “Mystery Hut”) in many episodes but sometimes they simply call it “Mystery Shack”.

Where is the Disney Channel logo in the Gravity Falls sign?

In “Dipper’s Ride,” one of the Disney Channel idents, after the Mystery Cart crashes into the “Welcome to Gravity Falls ” sign, the Disney Channel logo doesn’t appear in the hole that’s in its shape. Disco Girl is kept in English, but it is voiced by the Hebrew voice actor.

What is Stan’s real name in Gravity Falls?

In France and Switzerland, the series is called Souvenirs de Gravity Falls. The series is dubbed in Brussels, Belgium at the Dubbing Brothers studio. Instead of a conjunction of “great” and “uncle,” the twins refer to Stan as “Oncle Stan,” which means “Uncle Stan.”

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