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How old is Emily in Our Town?

How old is Emily in Our Town?

Emily Webb – female. Goes from age 16 to 20. In 1901 the age 16 was more sincere and innocent than today. The love story with her and George is the spine of the action of the play.

Why is the title Our Town significant?

The events and themes that occupy the citizens of Grover’s Corners are universal – hence the title, Our Town.

What does the stage manager ask Mr Webb to speak about?

Webb is thinking of raising Why does the Stage Manager take us back in time (page 60)? He wants us to see the events that led up to the wedding. To what positions have Emily and George been elected? Emily has been elected Secretary-Treasurer, and George has been elected President of his class.

What does Professor Willard reveal about Grover’s Corners?

Professor Willard describes Grover’s Corners scientifically: Emily and George are of “brachycephalic” stock; the New Hampshire countryside rests upon “a shelf of Devonian basalt.” A) What is the effect of this information on the audience?

How does Emily die in our town?

Emily has died from giving birth to her second child. She goes to the cemetery plot where her body will rest. Emily sits next to Mrs.

What does Mr Webb say about drinking culture and social injustice in Grover’s Corner?

Webb say about drinking, culture and social injustice in Grover’s Corners? They are just as concerned as everyone else is about social injustice, but, like everyone else, they haven’t found a solution yet. What does Emily say she’ll do for George? She will help him study — give him “hints” about schoolwork problems.

How many residents live in Grover’s Corner?


Who does the stage manager play in our town?

The Stage Manager essentially plays the role of the audience’s guide. He breaks through the fourth wall—the imaginary barrier between the audience and the action on the stage—to facilitate a dialogue between the audience and the content of the play.

What is Grover’s Corner like in our town?

First, life in Grover’s Corners is quiet and without event or excitement, for the most part. Life in this little town is calm. It is so calm that the birds become an attraction of interest.

What does Dr Gibbs say happened in Polish town?

Doc Gibbs passes Joe Crowell, Jr , the paper boy, and in answer to Joe’s question, the doctor explains that he has been out all night delivering twins over in “Polish Town ” The Stage Manager interrupts to explain that Joe Crowell will be one of the brightest boys ever to graduate from Grover’s Corners and will be …

Who is the lady in the box in our town?

In the play Our Town, Mrs. Gibbs is the wife of ‘Doc’ Frank Gibbs. She is also the mother of George Gibbs and Rebecca Gibbs. The play focuses on George Gibbs and his relationship with Emily Webb, whom he marries in Act II of the play.

What is Joe Crowell job in our town?

Joe is the paper boy in the first act and also during the flashback, when Emily returns to life. A scholar at Massachusetts Tech, he is killed in France during World War I before he can use his education. Si Crowell Joe’s younger brother, who takes Joe’s job as paper boy in Act II to indicate the passage of time.

Is our town in the public domain?

But there are some caveats here. For one, it’s a good thing that the Pulitzer-Prize winning “Our Town” is now, evidently, public domain; for the changes that are wrought here would never fly with the estate and publishers of the playwright.

What is the role of the Stage Manager in our town?

The Stage Manager has the same kind of role that would be filled by a minor character who is the narrator of a short story or novel. His main function is to provide exposition. He introduces most of the other characters by their names and tells the audience something about them.

Who died in our town?

At the end of the intermission, Mrs. Gibbs, Simon Stimson, Mrs. Soames, and Wally Webb, among others, take their seats. All of these characters have died in the intervening years between Act II and Act III, and the stage has become the local cemetery, situated at the top of a hill overlooking Grover’s Corners.

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