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How tall is a DS80?

How tall is a DS80?

The wheelbase of the Suzuki DS80 measures 58.7 inches in length, and the seat is 34.8 inches high.

How fast does a DS 80 go?

With this drive-train, the Suzuki DS 80 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 75.0 km/h (46.6 mph) .

How fast is a Suzuki 80cc?

For an 80-cc quad, the Suzuki LT 80 is pretty powerful….Engine & Lubrication.

Suzuki QuadSport 80
Maximum Power 4 hp/4.06 PS (2.98 kW, estimated)
Top Speed 20-30 mph (32.2-48.3 km/h) – owners’ claim

How much is a Suzuki DS80 worth?


Excellent $1,015
Very Good $595
Good $355
Fair $160
Poor N/A

What year is my DS 80?

The tenth digit in the VIN will give you your year.

How many gears does a JR 80 have?

Suzuki JR80, the bike designed for young riders, in the 7-10 age group, who have gone beyond their ‘first’ bike. The 2-stroke engine has more than enough power to satisfy, and the 5-speed transmission helps put the power smoothly to the ground.

How do you tell what year a DS 80 is?

How fast is a 80cc mini dirt bike?

The maximum speed of 80cc mini bike is 23 mph.

How fast does a 80cc 2-stroke go?

An 80cc dirt bike has an average maximum speed of about 45-50 mph. However, if the weight of a rider is 2- or 4-times, an 80cc dirt bike speed can change. The faster of the two is two strokes. With any of these engine kits, you can be sure to have a more efficient and durable motorized bike.

How fast does a 80cc 2-stroke dirt bike go?

Dirt bikes with 80cc engines can reach speeds of 45-50 mph on average. The speed of an 80cc dirt bike can vary depending on the rider’s weight and the bike’s stroke size. The faster of the two is 2 strokes. There are some reports that claim the speed reached 85 mph.

What year is my Suzuki dirt bike?

Count to and take note of the 10th alphanumeric digit in the VIN. Match this number or letter code to the year the bike was produced. A bike produced between 2001 to 2009 will be signified by a numeric code between 1 to 9, accordingly. An alphabetic code states that the bike was built before 2001.

What is the wheelbase of a Suzuki ds80?

Physical Dimensions. The wheelbase of the Suzuki DS80 measures 58.7 inches in length, and the seat is 34.8 inches high. The rake of the motorcycle, which is the angle of the steering neck and the vertical cord, is 28.3 degrees.

What is a 2000 Suzuki ds80 79cc 2 stroke worth?

CALKOVSKY Vintage Motocross Company 2000 Suzuki Ds , Year 2000 ds80 79cc 2 stroke 5 speed bike runs nice for its age but has definently been used trying to get off hands want something bigger $250.00

What are the dimensions of a DSDS 80?

DS 80 2000 Overall Length: 1 580 mm (62.2 in) Overall Width: 730 mm (28,7 in) Overall Height: 940 mm (37.0 in) Seat Height: 650 mm (25.6 in) Wheelbase 1 060 mm (41.7 in) Ground Clearance: 325 mm (12,8 in) Dry Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) Engine type: Air-cooled 79 cc 1-cylinder 2-stroke. Click on the image for larger format.

How fast does a DS 80 bike go?

The old DS-80 was a basic kick-starting bike with a chain drive and a steel-pipe exhaust. Including a full (5-liter) tank of gas, the bike’s weight was about 132 pounds. Top speed was about 46 miles per hour.

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