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How waterproof is Polartec NeoShell?

How waterproof is Polartec NeoShell?

Polartec claims NeoShell has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm (for more on waterproof ratings, check out Outerwear 101), and my experience corroborates that 10K number.

How good is pertex shield?

basically they are all excellent, I use them all year round and especially winter alpine mountaineering as they are so light. The newer paclite is slightly better than the older, it isn’t as clammy. Probably as the surface has a bit of texture to it. No idea if it’s any more breathable, both are good enough for me.

What is better than GORE-TEX?

Good alternatives to GORE-TEX are also available, such as FUTURELIGHT™ from The North Face, Pertex Shield, and less expensive PU film fabrics like Patagonia’s H2No.

What is better than Gore-Tex?

Is pertex shield breathable?

Pertex® Shield fabrics provide lightweight waterproof protection whilst remaining highly breathable.

What is Pertex shield®?

Pertex Shield® represents a fusion of technically advanced face fabrics with a breathable microporous waterproof coating. With the focus on durability, Pertex Shield® combines wind and water protection with excellent breathability. Pertex Shield®+ is the ultimate lightweight, waterproof fabric for fast moving outdoor activities.

What is the difference between Patagonia H2NO and Pertex shield+?

The Patagonia H2No fabric is less breathable, less expensive and bulkier than the Pertex Shield+ fabric, but on the other hand rainwear made of H2No fabric also tends to be less expensive than Pertex Shield+ rainwear.

What is the difference between Pertex and Gore-Tex?

Performance-wise, Gore-Tex is fully waterproof and also water-repellent, due to the use of DWR coatings on the outside, just like Pertex, as we will see below. It is windproof and, of course, highly breathable as we mentioned above due to its numerous pores. 3. Comparison: Pertex® Shield vs Gore-Tex®

What are the benefits of Pertex fabric?

A great feature of Pertex fabrics, in general, is that they are extremely packable. This is noticeable in some of the jackets that use this fabric, which is always a huge plus as it is very practical to have a jacket that you can easily pack into a small size and take it anywhere with you.

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