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How wide are stock YJ fender flares?

How wide are stock YJ fender flares?

Drilling required and must trim rear fender panels. Made from lightly textured thermo plastic like the original but UV treated to prevent “chalking”. Adds an additional 3.75″ inches of tire coverage over the stock 3.25″ wide flares. Some trimming to fender panel necessary for rear flare installation.

What is a Jeep fender flare?

Jeep Fender Flares ARIES Jeep Wrangler fender flares are designed to show off larger, offroad tires better than the factory flares. Our inner fender liners also offer better protection for the engine compartment. Both are made from powder-coated aluminum and have a vehicle-specific fit.

What are Wrangler fenders made of?

Yes, they are smooth plastic. The unpainted fenders are also plastic but have a textured surface.

How wide are TJ Rubicon fender flares?

The OEM fender flares for the TJ/LJ “SE,” “X” and “Sport” models are 3.25″ wide. The OEM fender flares for the “Sahara,” “Rubicon,” and the special editions that came from the factory with body colored flares are 4.25″ wide. As far as I know, OEM fender flares are only sold in sets of 4.

How wide are Jeep Wrangler fenders?

The fenders are 12.75-inches wide in the front and 8.75-inches wide in the rear.

Are Jeep Sahara fenders metal?

From the JK Flat top Steel fender, to the Wrangler JK tube style fender. Our JK Fenders are made of hardened steel, triple powder coated, and have a fitment guaranteed and a lifetime warranty.

Will TJ fender flares fit a YJ?

Registered. Yes the TJ Flares will fit on the YJ with some tweaking, but they will not line up perfect with the body lines in the front fender because the angle of the very front of the fender on the TJ’s is slightly diffrent than the YJ’s.

Are Rubicon fenders wider than sport fenders?

Well-Known Member. They probably have the same fenders because they have the same axles, which are wider than standard.

How wide are stock JK fenders?

Warrior Products is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of their Steel Tube Fender Flares for the front of the JK Wrangler in 12.5″ wide form. These flares are tapered width, so the 12.5″ width is located at the widest point on the flare, near the hood latches.

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