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Is 2006 Toyota Matrix a good car?

Is 2006 Toyota Matrix a good car?

Edmunds’ Expert Review Versatile and affordable, the 2006 Toyota Matrix is one of the best compact wagons for hauling people and cargo in its price class.

How many miles will a 2006 Toyota Matrix last?

without a doubt the most reliable engine ever built. If the maintenance schedule was followed from new, a Matrix should last well over 300k miles.

Which is better Corolla or Matrix?

They offer different options to suit different people. While the Corolla is much smaller with less cargo space, the Matrix has more cargo space and legroom. In a nutshell, in terms of performance, they are almost the same but in terms of cargo space and legroom, that’s where the difference is.

Is Toyota Matrix easy to maintain?

Both engines are reliable and easy to maintain. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are optional (standard on XRS). Fuel Economy: The 2005-2008 1.8L (1ZZ-FE) Toyota Matrix automatic is rated at 25/31 mpg city/highway. Overall: The Matrix is a simple reliable wagon.

What is the value of a Toyota Matrix 2006?

2006 Toyota Matrix trade-in prices range from $979 – $6,693. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

What engine is in a 2006 Toyota Matrix?

1.8 L 4-cylinder2006 Toyota Matrix / Engine

Does a 2006 Toyota Matrix have a timing belt or chain?

This engine uses a maintenance-free timing chain; there is no timing belt.

Why did they stop making Toyota Matrix?

On August 5, 2013, Toyota announced an end to production of the Matrix for the US market after the 2013 model year due to declining sales, and that there were no plans to replace it with another vehicle.

What are common problems with the Toyota Matrix?

Common problems of Toyota Matrix. The following chart shows the 24 most common problems for Toyota Matrix cars. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle’s air bags (678 problems). The second most common problem is related to the vehicle’s power train (190 problems).

How to fix AC in Toyota Matrix?

Use the guide on the inside of the fuse panel to locate the blown fuse and replace it with one of equal amperage. Get to the blower motor pretty easily in a Toyota Camry. Unscrew and remove the glove box entirely. The blower motor is directly behind it.

How to change transmission fluid Toyota Matrix?

Difficulty in getting into gear or staying in gear

  • A lurching or thumping when shifting. If it’s operating properly,you probably won’t notice your transmission doing its job; if you really feel the shifts,you may have an issue.
  • A lag between pressing the accelerator and actually accelerating.
  • Strange noises like whining or grinding.
  • How to install a battery in a Toyota Matrix?

    extreme temperatures

  • humidity
  • heavy accessory loads
  • frequent towing
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