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Is a i5 4690 Good?

Is a i5 4690 Good?

i5 4690 is 4th Gen whereas i5 6500 is 6th Gen. Skylake (6th gen) is a bit more energy efficient, has better integrated graphics and between 5-10% better performance on average. But for standard web browsing, video watching, and productivity tasks, either Haswell (4th gen) or Skylake (6th gen) will work fine.

Is i5 6500 good for gaming?

For anyone looking to build or upgrade their processor in a gaming/productivity PC, look no further. The intel i5 6500 is one of my favorite processors in its performance range. This processor can prove to be more than enough for most of your needs.

When did the i5 4690 come out?

The Intel Core i5-4690 is a desktop processor with 4 cores, launched in May 2014. It is part of the Core i5 lineup, using the Haswell architecture with Socket 1150.

Does i5 4690 have integrated graphics?

Yes, both of these CPUS have integrated graphics. They both use the Intel HD4600 onboard graphics.

How old is i5 6500?


Edit Values
Core i5-6500
Introduction September 1, 2015 (announced) September 27, 2015 (launched)
Release Price $202
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Can I overclock i5 6500?

However, with the recent release of overclocking BIOS updates for a range of motherboards, any of Intel’s recently released Skylake processors can be overclocked – which brings us to the Core i5 6500.

What’s better than a i5 10400F?

Faster base frequency. The i5-10400F is a six-core hyperthreaded CPU from Intel’s latest Comet Lake series of desktop processors. On the other hand comparing the i5-10400F and the i3-10100 shows that the 10100 offers comparable gaming performance for 22% less money whilst also including integrated graphics.

Is 10400F good for gaming?

Thanks to the high clock speeds (and possible TDP settings with most mainboards), the Core i5-10400F offers a good gaming performance and thanks to the 6 cores also a good application performance. The CPUs with an “F” suffix do not feature an integrated graphics adapter.

Is the i5 4690 good for gaming?

The Core i5-4690 is Intel’s latest and greatest locked Core-i5. This CPU will suit serious gamers that don’t plan on overclocking. The 4690 replaces the 4670 and shares exactly the same specs aside from base and turbo clock bumps of 100 MHz.

Is the i5 6600K 64-core or 32-core?

Faster 64-core speed. The Intel Core i5-6600K is based on the new “Skylake” 14nm manufacturing process. Sporting 4 physical cores with base/turbo clocks of 3.5/3.9 GHz the 6600K and its predecessor, the 4690K share the same basic configuration and disappointingly, offer similar performance.

What is the Intel Core i5-4690k?

The Intel Core i5-4690K is the latest incremental upgrade to Intel’s unlocked mid-range quad core family of processors. The 4690K replaces the 4670K.

What is the difference between the 4670 and the 4690?

The 4690 replaces the 4670 and shares exactly the same specs aside from base and turbo clock bumps of 100 MHz. The 100 MHz clock bump results in barely noticeable real world performance improvements and, if anything, makes the older 4670 more attractive as suppliers reduce prices to try to clear stocks.

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