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Is a Renault Megane coupe a good car?

Is a Renault Megane coupe a good car?

The three-door Renault Megane Coupe is good to drive and neatly styled. The Renault Megane Coupe is a stylish, comfortable and well-equipped three-door, which takes inspiration from the hugely successful Renaultsport hot hatches. Across the range, the Megane is competitively priced, and the car handles well.

Is Renault Megane 2009 a good car?

Driving experience The Megane has always been a comfortable family car, but the latest model is both capable and entertaining to drive. It doesn’t have the handling finesse or high grip levels of a Ford Focus or Honda Civic, but the Renault is an excellent all-rounder.

Is the Renault Megane 1.5 DCI a good car?

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The 1.5 dci is great in-gear and feels more powerful overall than the figures would suggest. It makes for an effortless drive. My favourite feature of the Megane is the ride quality. Yet the Megane is still definitely fun to drive on a country road, and certainly more relaxed than the sportier, jittery competition.

What are the features of Renault Megane Coupe 2009-2009?

2009 Renault Megane Coupe New Renault Mégane’s interior is extensively equipped with practical, comfort-enhancing features. These include combined analogue/digital instruments incorporating a new, easier-to-read colourcoded cruise control/speed limiter interface.

When did the Renault Mégane Coupe come out?

The Renault Mégane Coupé Concept unveiled at the Geneva Show in the spring of 2008 paved the way for the release of a new C-segment model line-up with real character. Following the introduction of new Renault Mégane in September 2008, it’s the turn of new Renault Mégane Coupe to take front stage at the Paris Motor Show.

What is the difference between the Renault Megane RS and RS sport?

Renault introduced the new Megane RS Coupe at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The car features the new Megane Coupe’s stylish looks while boasting 2.0-liter engine that develops 250 hp. The Megane Renault Sport (RS) achieves that thanks to a series of engine improvements and fine tuning as well as a newly developed twin-scroll turbocharger.

What did the Renault Sport look like in 2009?

Unlike its predecessor, the 2009 model featured rounded shapes all over the body, with swept-back headlights and a piano-black grille at the front flanked by the mandatory daytime driving lights. Also, Renault Sport offered a Trophy package which lowered the car even more. At the back, the car featured a tailgate with a roof spoiler at the top.

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