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Is a revolver a good Shtf gun?

Is a revolver a good Shtf gun?

A double-action revolver is one of the best practical handgun choices, and it could be just the ticket for outdoorsmen and some preppers. My go-to woods companion is a 4′ stainless, 6-shot, S&W Model 66, chambered for . 357 Magnum. It’s weatherproof, totally self-contained, easy to load/unload, and carries well.

Is a revolver more reliable than a pistol?

Yes, revolvers are more reliable. Revolvers have other limits compared to semi-auto pistols, as many others have noted. Semi-auto pistols have been getting better and better for decades. Today’s quality semi-auto pistols are very reliable, but today’s revolvers are still more reliable.

Is a Glock more reliable than a revolver?

And while they’re plenty reliable when properly cleaned, most revolvers are much more susceptible to the elements because of the exposed cylinder. As Matt notes, Something like a Glock won’t have the same issues and won’t have a catastrophic failure like a revolver will.

Why are revolvers safer?

Long, heavy trigger pull: The long, heavy trigger pull on a double action revolver serves to make the gun safer. You have to deliberately pull the trigger in order to fire your shots. It can be hard for some people with weaker finger strength to put accurate shots on a target with a double action gun.

Why are pistols better than revolvers?

Capacity. In the revolver vs pistol debate, the primary advantage of the pistol is capacity. Most revolvers have a cartridge capacity of between five and seven rounds. Some wheelguns have cylinders holding eight or nine rounds, but these are comparatively uncommon.

Are revolvers safer?

Inherently safe: A revolver in double action form is inherently safe from most types of negligence. A double action revolver is that where the hammer is in the down position, and as the trigger is pressed to the back, the hammer follows suit by traveling rearward.

Are revolvers better for self-defense?

The design of a revolver means it’s a weapon that will fire reliably even after years of use. You don’t have to worry about the weapon jamming, leaving you defenseless. Revolver reliability is still a good positive of the gun today. Modern revolvers are some of the most reliable weapons you can purchase.

Why would you want a shtf handgun in a revolver?

Another reason would be that you are trying to keep your pack lighter and don’t want to carry a rifle. Another good choice for a SHTF handgun in a revolver is a .357 magnum. I would recommend getting one with a 4” barrel.

What are the best firearms for shtf scenarios?

Apocalypse Guns: Best Firearms for SHTF Scenarios. 1 .22 Long Rifle. I like accumulating different guns rather than collecting a certain type. 2 Rifles. 3 Shotguns. 4 Handguns. 5 Considerations for Apocalypse Guns.

Does the Revolver have a place in a shtf Arsenal?

Addendum: Of course the revolver has its place in a SHTF arsenal, especially the. 357 revolver. But just not in a primary “one handgun” role. Let it not be said that I don’t appreciate a good stainless wheelgun, or think they’re worthless. My argument here is pretty specific: a.

Can a 357 revolver be used for shtf hunting?

So this business of planning to use the. 357 revolver for SHTF hunting–I don’t even know what say. I mean, yeah, you could use it on deer or wild hogs (assuming you’re good enough to get in close and hit one), and then load it up with. 38 Special for smaller game.

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