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Is Captain Phillips a good film?

Is Captain Phillips a good film?

“Captain Phillips” is a dramatic thriller based on the true story of the first American ship hijacked by Somali pirates. The story is engaging and holds the attention until the last scene, despite the 134 minutes running time. The characters are well developed and the duel between Philips and Muse is excellent.

What is the message of the movie Captain Phillips?

The movie has a global message about how terrorists aren’t the only threats, and that poverty can also be a powerful enemy to peace and civilization. The movie also applauds Captain Phillips’ ability to bravely and calmly be a selfless leader who cares more about his crew’s safety than his own.

Is Captain Phillips a scary movie?

Intense. Captain Phillips is a film based on a true story about modern day pirates hijacking a cargo ship. The film is extremely intense especially in the second half. It is mostly just horrible threats issued by the pirates. Many guns are held to heads .

What was the budget of Captain Phillips?

55 million USD
Captain Phillips/Budget

What happens at the end of Captain Phillips?

In the course of the story, Captain Richard Phillips experiences a terrible ordeal at the helm of the Maersk Alabama cargo ship, ultimately culminating in the death of most of his hostage takers. When Captain Phillips is saved and brought on board a navy vessel, he is in shock and goes straight to the medical bay.

What happened to the real Captain Phillips?

JAKARTA – On April 12, 2009, a ship captain named Richard Phillips was rescued from captivity. Phillips has been held hostage in a lifeboat in the Indian Ocean since April 8, 2009. He was rescued unscathed.

What age rating is Captain Phillips?

Family Movie Review: Captain Phillips (PG-13) Age Appropriate For: 14+. The film tells the real-life story of Capt. Richard Phillips, who was taken hostage by Somali pirates trying to hijack his container ship.

Who was the negotiator in Captain Phillips?

Maximilian Carlo Martini
Maximilian Carlo Martini (born December 11, 1969) is an American actor, writer, and director known for his roles as Corporal Fred Henderson in Saving Private Ryan, Wiley in Level 9, First Sergeant Sid Wojo in The Great Raid, and as Master Sergeant Mack Gerhardt in the military drama television series The Unit.

How accurate is the film ‘Captain Phillips’?

Tom Hanks as Richard “Rich” Phillips/”Irish”,Captain

  • Catherine Keener as Andrea Phillips,Phillips’ wife
  • Michael Chernus as Shane Murphy,first officer
  • David Warshofsky as Mike Perry,chief engineer
  • Corey Johnson as Ken Quinn,helmsman
  • Chris Mulkey as John Cronan,senior crew member
  • Mark Holden as William Rios,boatswain
  • What is the real story of Captain Phillips?

    The film Captain Phillips is “based on a true story” of the 2009 hijacking of an American ship by Somali pirates. Freeman covered the 2009 incident and has himself been kidnapped by Somali pirates.

    Is Captain Phillips a true story?

    Yes, ‘Captain Phillips’ is based on a true story. The cargo ship Maersk Alabama was hijacked by four Somali pirates on April 8, 2009, whilst in the Indian Ocean. The movie ‘Captain Phillips’ is based on the events surrounding the hijacking as well as on the book ‘A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at

    Was Captain Phillips really a hero?

    The Making of a Hero: Tom Hanks poses with ‘real life hero’ Captain Phillips on the cover of Parade magazine. The 58-year-old father of two, originally from Boston, was praised as the epitome of an ordinary hero: a veritable Everyman who had heroism thrust upon him by circumstance. And he had shown great courage.

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