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Is coldrain Japanese?

Is coldrain Japanese?

Coldrain (コールドレイン, Kōrudorein, stylized as coldrain) are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, Japan, who were formed in 2007.

Is Coldrain an emo?

Formed in 2007 in Nagoya, emo- rockers Coldrain have a commodity that is rare among Japanese bands: English-language lyrics that don’t suck. That’s mainly down to vocalist Masato being part American. Yet while their lyrics are written in English, the band’s presence online is entirely in Japanese.

Why does Coldrain sing in English?

“I grew up on a lot of bands outside of Japan, and of course I’m influenced by both Japanese and Western music, but it always came naturally to me to write lyrics in English. We make sure all our lyrics are translated into Japanese and English though, so everyone can understand,” states Masato.

What music genre is Coldrain?


Can Masato Hayakawa speak Japanese?

Early life. Masato David Hayakawa was born on December 17, 1986, in Nagoya, Japan. He was born to an American mother from Iowa and a Japanese father who was born in Niigata. All of this has helped him to become fluent in English as well as Japanese.

What is coldrain’s new album called?

On 26 July 2017, Coldrain announced a new album to be called Fateless, it was released on 11 October 2017 worldwide. The limited edition of the album features a live CD with coldrain’s 10-year anniversary performances in their hometown Nagoya.

Is coldrain doing a one man tour?

On 31 March 2019, Coldrain announced a new One Man Tour, which would be the subsequent headline show for the newly titled album called The Side Effects. The September tour would include 11 shows at 10 venues across Japan.

Did coldrain perform Fire Force anime’s new opening theme song?

^ Mateo, Alex (26 August 2019). “Coldrain perform “Fire Force” anime’s new opening theme song”. Anime News Network. Retrieved 27 August 2019. ^ “Coldrain, from the latest album “MAYDAY (feat. Ryo from Crystal Lake” Live MV Release Anime using the same song Flame Fire No Fire Brigade Non-Credit OP video is also released for a limited time”.

How did coldrain start?

After the disbanding of the bands Wheel of Life (RxYxO, Sugi and Y.K.C.) and AVER (Masato and Katsuma), coldrain was formed in 2007 in Nagoya with Masato on vocals, RxYxO (Ryo) on bass guitar, Katsuma on drums, and Y.K.C (Yokochi) and Sugi on guitars. The common musical interest of the members was one of the decisive factors in…

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