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Is EB-0 Short scale?

Is EB-0 Short scale?

The Electric Bass that Helped Start it All. You’ll love the feel of the Epiphone EB-0 four-string bass guitar, with its shorter-scale 30.5″ mahogany neck that’s perfect for fast players, beginners, and guitarists that only occasionally play bass.

Where is the Epiphone eb3 bass made?

Kalamazoo, MI
The Gibson EB-3 is a bass guitar introduced in 1961 and discontinued in 1979. It was produced at Gibson’s plant in Kalamazoo, MI. It features a slim SG-style body, a short 30.5″ scale, and two pickups (a large humbucking pickup in the neck position and a mini-humbucker pickup in the bridge position).

What is an Ebo bass?

Authorised by Gibson, with the EB-0 Electric Bass, Epiphone has brought back a classic bass guitar of the late ’60s. Based on the SG body shape, this guitar-sized (30-1/2″ scale) electric bass is a great instrument for anyone of a smaller stature who prefers a smaller scale body and neck.

How many frets does a short scale bass have?

Boasting five frets, ash or alder bodies, maple or rosewood fretboards, Fender pickups and electronics, and jumbo headstocks, these instruments will change the modern approach to bass forever.

What Bass did Jack Bruce?

The Jack Bruce JB3 Survivor Bass. The best there is.” Though trained on the upright bass, Jack Bruce took a liking early on to small, short-scale electric basses. One of his first was the Fender Bass VI, a 6-string bass tuned EADGBE like a guitar, but one octave lower.

Who played the EB3 bass?

The Gibson EB-3 bass rose to prominence in the 1960s in the hands of Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Bill Wyman and other iconic bass players. Its short scale and unique look were a winning combination, coupled with a rock tone that still impresses today.

What is a Mudbucker?

A “mudbucker” is a term given to the only pickup of a Gibson EB-0, EB-2, and the neck pickup of the EB-3. It is a pickup that differs from most modern, and older style pickups in that it is a “sidewinder” pickup.

Is 20 frets enough for bass?

Bass purists state loudly that no electric bass guitar needs more than 20 frets on it – especially since if you play up high on the fretboard, you’re not playing bass notes anymore. If a high fret cannot be reached when the fret hand is behind the neck, the hand goes over the neck and they will play using tapping.

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