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Is glass backsplash cheaper than tile?

Is glass backsplash cheaper than tile?

While glass kitchen backsplashes are a bit more expensive than tile backsplashes, they are also a major aesthetic upgrade compared to tile versions. Glass is also easier to clean and endures splashes and stains better than ceramic options.

Should glass backsplash be tempered?

Benefits of Tempered Glass Backsplash – Safety Comes First Besides, it’s not only about when it breaks it’s also about how it breaks. Regular glass cracks into sharp large pieces which can be extremely dangerous. In its turn tempered glass disintegrates into many tiny parts dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

Can you buy glass tiles at oasis tile?

… At Oasis Tile you will find your choice of glossy, frosted glass, matte finish and iridescent glass tiles suitable for your next tile project. You’ll also discover great combinations that go perfectly with our glass tile such as stone, metal and slate tiles that add unique texture and light variation.

What is MSI Oasis blast 12×12 tile?

With the MSI Oasis Blast 12 in. x 12 in. Glass Mosaic Wall Tile, it’s easy to add a splash of contemporary styling to your decor. This attractive tile features 1 in. x 2 in. strips of molten glass in a brick pattern on a 12 in. x 12 in. mesh sheet that makes installation a much easier process.

Why choose a tile backsplash for your kitchen?

For many people the tile backsplash in the kitchen is the one place they allow themselves a bit of whimsy: the flourish of a mosaic or a burst of brilliant color. Even if you’re just looking for a low-maintenance tile that ties the rest of the room together, you still have so much choice.

Why choose oasis tile pool art?

But, pool art is as much about tile type as about architecture and layout. The type of tile you choose can alter the entire look of the pool and create a unique oasis in the center of your backyard. Oasis Tile gives you what Big Box stores simply can’t.

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