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Is haggens owned by Safeway?

Is haggens owned by Safeway?

That brings to a close the dismantling of the Washington-based company. Haggen mushroomed in size early last year when it bought 146 stores from Safeway and Albertsons across the West. After a tumultuous year of indigestion though, instead of offering competition, Haggen now belongs to Albertsons.

Who owns haggens?

Albertsons LLC
A federal bankruptcy court on Tuesday approved the sale of 33 Haggen stores to Albertsons LLC, returning the units to the entity that sold them just under a year ago.

When did Haggen go out of business?

September 10, 2015 at 9:08 a.m. After landing in Southern California six months ago, Northwest grocer Haggen has filed for bankruptcy protection – a move considered one of the quickest collapses to hit the supermarket industry in decades.

Did Albertsons buy haggens?

Haggen, based in Bellingham, Wash., acquired 83 California locations that previously operated as a Vons or Albertsons. One of them, the Albertsons in the Garden Village center, had been a staple for years serving northwest San Pedro.

Who bought Vons?


Exterior of the Vons store in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
Revenue US$2.6 billion
Number of employees 44,000 (2021)
Parent Independent (1906–1969 and 1986–1997) Household Finance Corporation (1969–1986) Safeway (1997–2015) Albertsons (2015–present)
Divisions Pavilions

Who owns Safeway and Albertsons stores?

Cerberus Capital Management

Formerly Albertson’s Inc. (until 2006 sale to Supervalu, Cerberus)
Owner Cerberus Capital Management
Number of employees 325,000 (May 2020)
Subsidiaries Acme Markets Carrs-Safeway Haggen Jewel-Osco Kings Pavilions Plated Randalls Safeway Inc. Shaw’s and Star Market Tom Thumb United Supermarkets Vons

Does Kroger have haggens?

Haggen, an 18-store chain in the Pacific Northwest, plans to purchase 146 stores owned by Albertson’s and Safeway (SWY), two giant, mid-market chains that are merging to better compete with industry leader Kroger (KR).

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