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Is IKEA Galant desk discontinued?

Is IKEA Galant desk discontinued?

Ikea is phasing out the Galant desks and replacing them with a new, similar-looking series of desks. The Bekant will start appearing in stores next week, and will be available in all Ikea stores by October.

Is Bekant compatible with Galant?

The Bekant comes with a bunch of plastic push clip fasteners to secure it to approved Bekant desktops. Drill a few holes in the Galant frame where the stock Bekant whole match up. Some will not be perfectly centered but as long as you get a pretty cleanly drilled hole it will work.

How do I adjust my IKEA Galant desk?

  1. Grasp the upper portion of one leg in one hand.
  2. Push the inner leg up to lower the table height or pull it down to raise the table height.
  3. Turn the inner leg clockwise to lock the leg in position.
  4. Place a level on the table or desk to ensure that adjustments to the other legs will keep the tabletop level.

Is Ikea Bekant solid wood?

In 2012, we set a goal that by 2020 our wood would be from more sustainable sources. We are happy to announce that we have reached this goal and today, more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

Is Bekant table top sturdy?

The melamine surface is durable, stain resistant and easy to keep clean. Deep table top gives a generous work surface and lets you sit at a comfortable distance from the computer monitor. To be completed with BEKANT underframe for table top 63″.

How do you fix Galant leg?

How to fix Galant A-legs

  1. One “unlocks” the leg by unscrewing it (anti or counter clockwise) to change the height.
  2. The leg length is changed appropriately.
  3. Attempting to lock the leg by screwing it clockwise results in it just turning and turning, and turning… And it doesn’t lock.

Is BEKANT desk adjustable?

With a height-adjustable desk, it’s easy to vary your work position.

How tall is the IKEA Galant table?

Ikea Galant table or large desk. It measures 63 inches by 31.5 inches and you adjust the legs to have the height from 24 to 38 inches. It makes a great large desk or could easily sit at least 6 people for a dining table. $100.00

How much would you pay for an IKEA Galant standing desk?

Black desk pad included. I have 2 Ikea Galant standing height desks. Asking $175 each for each set. The legs are chrome and adjustable. The table top is espresso brown. We modified them to make them L- shaped but they can be reconfigured. They were used in an office setting and are in excellent condition.

What kind of desk does IKEA have with adjustable legs?

Spacious IKEA Galant desk with extension that can go on either side. Adjustable height legs. In great condition. This blonde wood desk is originally from Ikea, it has adjustable legs and can extend up very high for tall people. It has some damage (pictured), and a small inset table on which to place supplies or your computer monitor.

Why choose Galant modular home office furniture?

Our GALANT series of modular home office furniture just went through a makeover. New colors and handles make cabinets and desks look even more beautiful, and easier to match with the BEKANT series.

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