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Is Mario Mandzukic married?

Is Mario Mandzukic married?

Mandžukić has been in a relationship with Ivana Mikulić from Strizivojna since 2007.

How old is Mandzukic?

35 years (May 21, 1986)Mario Mandžukić / Age

How tall is Mandzukic?

6′ 3″Mario Mandžukić / Height

Which club is Mandzukic playing for now?

Croatia national football teamMario Mandžukić / Current team (assistant)The Croatia national football team represents Croatia in men’s international football matches and is controlled by the Croatian Football Federation. The team was recognised by both FIFA and UEFA following dissolution of Yugoslavia. Wikipedia

Why did mandzukic leave Atletico?

Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone admits Mario Mandzukic’s inability to hit the same goalscoring heights as he did at Bayern Munich is the reason behind him leaving. ‘We sat down together and aimed to improve on his record of 28 goals at Bayern. This wasn’t possible and it upset him.

How many trophies has mandzukic won?

24 trophies
Mandžukić has won 24 trophies with club teams. He is vice world champion in office with his national team.

What does Mario Mandzukic weigh?

190 lbsMario Mandžukić / Weight

What club is Zlatan Ibrahimovic at?

A.C. Milan#11 / Forward
Sweden national football teamForward
Zlatan Ibrahimović/Current teams

Is mandzukic still in Juventus?

Former Juventus and AC Milan striker Mario Mandzukic has retired from football, aged 35. The former Croatian international arrived at Juventus from Atletico Madrid in 2015, and after a spell in Qatar returned to Italy to turn out for AC Milan in January 2021. Available on Eurosport app.

How many goals did Mandzukic scored for Juventus?

Stats by club

Juventus FC 162 18
GNK Dinamo Zagreb 112 35
Bayern Munich 88 14
VfL Wolfsburg 60 12

How many trophies has Luka Modric won?

He has won seventeen major trophies at Real Madrid, including four UEFA Champions League titles, two La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey and three FIFA Club World Cup titles. He won the La Liga Award for “Best Midfielder” in 2016 for the second time, and the UEFA Club Football Award for “Best Midfielder” in 2017 and 2018.

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