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Is PEIA Medicare?

Is PEIA Medicare?

Medicare advantage Plan: A type of Medicare benefits that combines Medicare Parts A and B into one comprehensive benefit package. PEIA provides benefits to Medicare-eligible retired employees and Medicare-eligible dependents of retired employees through the Medicare Advantage plan offered by Humana, Inc.

What is PEIA plan?

PEIA provides $10,000 term life insurance to active members at no cost through Minnesota Life. Members may purchase optional insurance with pre-tax earnings and legal services Learn more.

Which PEIA plan is the best?

Plan A
Plan A has the richest benefits with the highest premiums of all the PEIA PPB Plans. It is available to all active employees and non-Medicare retirees. Plan B offers lower premiums with higher deductibles, higher out-of-pocket maximums, increased coinsurance, and higher copayments for prescription drugs.

What is Humana PEIA?

Humana provides medical and prescription drug benefits for Medicare-primary members. You DO NOT need to enroll in a separate Medicare Part D plan, since PEIA will provide prescription drug coverage for retirees with Medicare.

When can you retire as a teacher in WV?

Teachers in West Virginia can retire with full benefits: At age 60 with at least 5 years of experience; At age 55 with 30 or more years of experience; or, At any age with 35 or more years of experience.

What does peia stand for?


Acronym Definition
PEIA Public Employees Insurance Agency
PEIA Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (various locations)
PEIA Professional Elvis Impersonators Association
PEIA Pacific Energy Innovation Association

Does WV peia cover chiropractic?

What’s Important for 2021? All PEIA PPB Plans Active employees and non-Medicare Retirees: No PPB Plan premium increase • Two chiropractic visits covered in full for back pain only (Plans A, B & D) • No out-of-network coverage out-of-state for PPB Plan C (Aligns with PPB Plans A and B)

Does peia cover IVF?

Out of that 60%, 20% cover infertility drugs, 24% cover In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and 23% cover artificial insemination.

Is Humana Insurance Medicare?

Medicare Advantage options are offered by private insurance companies—like Humana—contracted by the federal government. Medicare Advantage, also referred to as Medicare Part C, covers the same healthcare services as Original Medicare, with the exception of hospice care.

How is WV Teacher retirement calculated?

A regular retirement benefit under the Straight Life annuity option is an amount equal to 2% of a member’s final average salary multiplied by the member’s years of service credit paid in equal monthly installments.

How does WV state retirement work?

Prospective retirees must make application to the Board in order to commence retirement benefits. Regular retirement benefits are paid in equal monthly installments in an amount equal to 2% multiplied by the member’s years of credited service multiplied by the member’s Final Average Salary (FAS).

Does peia cover vision?

Retiree Coverage When you retire, the benefits that are currently offered are dental, vision, hearing and legal. Flexible Spending Accounts and disability income protection are not offered to retirees and the coverage will end at the end of the month in which you end employment.

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