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Is Quora a good app?

Is Quora a good app?

Quora’s Android App is really nice. It makes Quora more useful and simple to use in mobile devices. Quora’s mobile app is completely good according to me. So my rating for Quora App is 5/5.

Why does it take 90 days to delete Facebook?

According to Facebook’s website today, it takes 90 days to delete data stored in backup systems. “Facebook claims that it deletes all the content you’ve generated, like your photos, posts, and profile info, but deleting your account will not delete things that your friends have posted about you,” Gebhart says.

Is FB dying?

Although many people are thinking contrary, Facebook is not dying. Facebook is maybe less cool than it was before, but it definitely has its audience. Over the years, many companies and online stores have attracted their customers via Facebook, so it is hard to imagine that it will soon become a thing of the past.

Who is Quora owned by?

Adam D’Angelo

How long until your facebook is permanently deleted?

90 days

What is Quora and how do I get rid of it?

How to Delete Your Quora Account

  1. Open up and log in.
  2. From there, navigate to your settings by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. From your Account settings, navigate to the Privacy tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. To delete your account, press Delete Account.

How do I stop receiving messages from Quora?

  1. You can stop it.
  2. Just go to the setting and change it.
  3. I am using QUORA APP, so you can simple click on your right side.
  4. Step :1 Go to setting.
  5. Step 2 : Email and notifications.
  6. Step 3 : Emails.
  7. Step4 : change it.
  8. Follow the step and stop it.

How long does it take to delete Quora account?

Once you confirm, the account will be deactivated immediately and the deletion process will begin. Quora doesn’t make it easy to delete accounts though: It takes 14 days to delete all your data. Meanwhile, if you login during the next 14 days, the account will be reactivated and deletion will be cancelled.

Is Quora safe to use?

Quora is rated for teens ages 13 and older, and it can be safe for kids with adult supervision. Even if Quora does have moderators, who remove inappropriate content, answers and users, children can come across adult and mature content or negative views on various topics such as religion, politics.

Does FB delete accounts?

Like deactivation, Facebook will not delete your account for inactivity. It’s something you must do from your “Account Settings” page. Once deleted, your account cannot be reinstated. All content, including your Timeline, photos, friend lists and other personal data, are deleted.

Why does Facebook take 30 days to delete?

Facebook gives you 30 days to think about your decision and cancel the deletion process if you change your mind. After that period expires, your account and all related data to it will disappear forever.

How do you stop receiving emails?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app . Open an email from the sender you want to unsubscribe from. At the bottom of the message, tap Unsubscribe or Change preferences. If you don’t see these options, the sender didn’t give information required for unsubscribing.

How can I delete my Quora account without password?

Delete Quora Account without Login

  1. Open Quora app that hasn’t been logged in already or go directly to
  2. Try logging in your account with the password you have in mind.
  3. If the login is still invalid, tap the “Forgotten Password”.
  4. Reset your Forgotten password with the on-screen procedures.
  5. Then, login with the newly created password.

How long can you deactivate your FB account?

Facebook Waits 14 Days Before Deleting Account The social network said there is no limit on how long a user can keep her account deactivated. But if a Facebook user really wants to make the separation permanent, she can choose to delete the account altogether.

Is Quora reliable source?

If you’re not familiar with Quora, it is a question-and-answer site similar to Yahoo! Answers where users can ask questions, and answer other’s questions. The truth is, Quora is only as reliable as the person answering your question, and your question is only as useful as the details you provide.

How do I delete a wish account?

To deactivate your account, log into your Wish account on the app and go to “Account Settings”. From there, select “Deactivate Account”. If you no longer have the app, you can deactivate by logging into your account at

What’s the difference between deactivating and deleting my account?

The biggest difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account is that deactivating your Facebook account gives you the flexibility to return whenever you wish, while deleting your account is a permanent action.

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