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Is skalidor a serpentine?

Is skalidor a serpentine?

Skalidor is a Serpentine general of the Constrictai tribe. As a hulking warrior, Skalidor fought in the Serpentine War many years ago before being sealed away in a tomb along with his fellow Constrictai. Long after, Pythor would free the Constrictai and Venomari from their tombs.

Does skalidor have spikes on his tail?

Skalidor is the only Constrictai playable in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame. In a Constrictai commercial and poster (see below), he has spikes on his tail, which, however, is not reflected in the show or on his minifigure. Skalidor is the only Constrictai in Shadow of Ronin to not use the Hypnobrai Fangblade.

Who is skalidor in Ninjago?

Skalidor was among the group outside the Ninjago City Bank who Lloyd encouraged to fight as one against the Anacondrai Cultists . Skalidor was part of a scouting group with Bytar, Skales, and Skales Jr. trying to track down the Vermillion . He is black and orange with yellow eyes, with several silver spikes on his head.

How did skalidor get to the Dark Island?

When Garmadon, Skalidor, and the other generals traveled to the Dark Island via Rattlecopter, Skales betrayed their leader and deserted him on the island. Skales regained his title of “Snake King”, leading the Serpentine underground. Skalidor and the Constrictai dug a hole that eventually reached the tomb of the Stone Army.

Who is skalidor in the stone army?

Skalidor is the General of the Serpentine Constrictai Tribe. He is easily persuaded, as seen in The Stone Army, when Garmadon easily gets Skalidor to join him. It is unknown if he lives underground with Skales and the remaining Serpentine.

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